Académie de Sol Beni Interview Pascal THÉAULT (Director of the de Sol Beni Academy) :

“Video, useful for the coach and his players”

Recently the technical supervisors of the ASEC Mimosas participated in a video training course taught by Kevin LIOT, the physical trainer and video analyst at the de Sol Beni Academy. Training “in the service of all club technicians”. Pascal THEAULT, the director of the de Sol Beni Academy, explains the importance of this tool in football.

What place do you give to video sessions in your activity programs?

To win more games and train players better, the progression goes through raising the level of each of us, coaches.  The video and its use helps strongly with that. The video is effective because after a viewing, one speaks on the real and not simply on “impressions”. Live, we really don’t see much, less than 15% of reality. The remaining 85 or 90% are brought to us by video. It is by seeing the action several times (and this, from the outset) that you can see everything and thus realize exactly what happened. One can therefore understand the why and the how of an action. After analyzing it, we can explain it. Explaining to the player the reality is keeping and maintaining their credibility vis-a-vis the player. With the support of the video, we can identify the reasons or causes of what works or does not work. In the first half of the last game U16, last weekend, our attackers were taken 6 times in an offside position. The viewing, picture by frame, made it possible to know exactly why our players had been framed. We were able to show them by providing an explanation and then to schedule a specific work to be done in order to make progress in this area.  A certainty: the (good) work always ends up reporting one day or the other.

Also, thanks to the image, a single language is established within a staff. Which allows, between coaches, to understand each other easily and quickly.

 It was noticed that all the coaches of the de Sol Beni Academy had their programs in this kind of sessions. Does this mean that a knowledge in video editing is required to be a coach at the de Sol Beni Academy?

All our matches are filmed, without exception. The cameraman’s goal is to film in a “wide shot” so as to permanently see the 20 field players. Everything that happens (placements-travel) around the bearer of the ball is paramount. From the end of his game, the coach goes home with his video. He watches serenely at home and his analysis of the match, he may be led to emerge one or more themes of work. Some actions will be targeted, a montage will be made and presented to players at the beginning of the week.

Personally, reviewing (cold) The match brings me each time a different opinion and generally a much more measured judgement compared to my first impression, hot and filled with emotions. This retreat on the event and this vision of the strict reality of the facts have for a long time become indispensable.

Revisiting the matches in video tells me exactly about the needs of future training content to be performed. For example, on the player’s strengths to improve or on his shortcomings to be reabsorbed.

The progression therefore goes through video work and watching high-level matches. This work devoted to video requires a lot of working hours. A strong commitment (passion) of the technician is necessary. But as they say so well: “When you love, you don’t count…”.