18th League Day 1: AFAD 2 – 3 ASEC Mimosas :

Important Victory Mimosas

The ASEC Mimosas took a large bowl of fresh air in Ligue 1 by imposing against the AFAD (2 – 3), thanks in particular to a treble of his attacker TOURÉ Amed, this afternoon, at the Robert Champroux Stadium, on the 18th day. A welcome victory in this last corner of this league 1 that looks exciting.

The ASEC Mimosas starts the beating drum game and already gets two goal opportunities. The first, from the second minute, on a centre of OUATTARA for BAGATÉ Sadi’s head, narrowly repelled on the goal line. The second, two minutes later, on a very nice technical gesture of BAGATÉ Sadi that eliminates his vis-a-vis but will kill on the goalkeeper. The Mimos accentuate the pressure and get a win in the 9th MN on a bullet in the back of the defense for TOURÉ Amed who will stand face to DRIN Ulrich to quietly open the score (0 – 1). But the Mimos joy is short-lived since two minutes later, the AFAD gets the equalizer on a corner played by Stéphane Aziz, gold George Joseph is happy to be at the fallout to deceive CISSÉ Abdoul Karim (1 – 1). We went on the wheel hats in a very engaged and pleasant part. The ASEC Mimosas has control of the ball, offers opportunities but lacks success. The break is reached on the parity score (1 – 1).

The ASEC Mimosas takes the second period as the first. MALO Patrick is at the conclusion of two successive opportunities without success. Wounded in the 55th minute, he cedes his place to MALO Patrick. In the 61st mn, the ASEC Mimosas takes over the advantage on a free kick quickly executed by DAO Mohamed Lamine for TOURÉ Amed who signs his double (1 – 2). The Mimos return to the Load 4 mn later by the tandem BAGATÉ Sadi-TOURÉ Amed, with the first to the pass for the second to the conclusion to sign his treble in the match (1 – 3).  The ASEC Mimosas makes the break and is now thinking about management. At 4 mn of the term, the AFAD gets the score reduction by the same gold George Joseph who takes advantage of a bad appreciation of CISSÉ Abdoul Karim to sign his double (2 – 3). The ASEC Mimosas puts pressure at the end of the game, but manages to keep its advantage and finally win. A precious victory that makes her climb a ranking but above all that boosts the morale of the team in this last shore of the League 1. A result to be confirmed Saturday, March 2nd, at 6pm, at Stade Robert Champroux, opposite the Racing Club of Abidjan, on the 19th day.