Editorial  :

What a funny job!

The profession of football coach is very ungrateful and cruel. A day at the top and the next day at the bottom of the hole with the same methods, the same skills but not with the same results sporting and accounting. 

Let’s go back to this job that has evolved a lot over the years. The image of the trainer in tracksuit, whistle at the mouth with his studs on the ground and whose essential mission was to animate the workout and the game of the weekend has changed well. These 2 strong moments always pace the coach’s week with the match as a culmination. But his role and mission have become much wider. 

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish several totally different professions within this corporation: there is indeed little similarity between the life of a senior club coach, that of his deputy, that of a national team breeder or that of a trainer. All of them are football technicians who intervene in the coaching of football players but the skills required to exercise them and their dailies are not at all alike.

What is common to all these supervisors today is that in addition to having to manage a group of players, they must also animate an increasingly rich staff to serve the team and the performance. If the final decision comes back to the technician, he has, at his disposal, a whole team that provides him with more and more information in order to help him make the best decision: Physical trainer, coach of the Guards, doctor, physiotherapist, Osteopath, nutritionist, video analyst, statistical analyst, psychologist, mental trainer, gardeners… Plus a whole array of increasingly sophisticated tools and indicators (GPS, performance Index,…).

This “team behind the team” is an inexhaustible source of information and it will be for the technician to analyze them well in order to draw the essentials.

Since its creation, ASEC Mimosas has experienced 31 coaches to lead its first team. In the last 30 seasons (since 1989), 17 coaches have succeeded on his bench to win 19 titles of Champions of Côte d’ivoire. Some stayed a season when one of them officiated for more than 5 seasons or another one wore this cap twice. One of the constants in the management of coaches under the chairmanship of Master Roger OUÉGNIN is that he rarely separates from his coach during the season. A Question of principle and confidence in the employees who serve their club with dedication, passion and competence. Another constant is the springboard that our club makes for all these technicians once they have gone to other skies. The unique experience gained in our midst and the prestige conferred by having been the main coach of the ASEC Mimosas often allow them to bounce back to good clubs for the rest of their careers.

AMANI Yao Lambert César, the current head coach of the ASEC Mimosas is not a novice in the field. Several times voted best coach of Côte d’ivoire and one of the few coaches to have conquered the title of Champion of Côte d’ivoire with two different clubs (as Tanda and the ASEC Mimosas), he has proven himself. At the baton last season with the achievement of a triple (Super Cup, Ligue 1 and national cup), our club knows with him difficulties during this season to repeat the same performances. As is happening in most clubs around the world, this lack of results leads to a surge of criticism and hatred against the one we loved a few months ago.

The coach is very often the perfect fuse to blow up to calm the supporters and hope to make the machine go away by creating a click among the players. The statistics are not so formal and the separation with a coach during the season does not have the automatic consequences of improving the results. 

Shareholders, trust your president to make the right choices for our club and your coach to give everything in order to straighten the bar. Let’s stay serene and united despite the storm. It’s the brand of the big clubs.

Benoît YOU