16th Late League Day 1: WAC 1 – 0 ASEC Mimosas :

The ASEC doesn’t take advantage of his late game

The 16th late League Day 1 did not smile at the ASEC Mimosas which bowed (1 – 0) in front of the WAC this afternoon at the Robert Champroux Stadium. A counter-performance that allows the wasps of Williamsville to take a large bowl of fresh air in their struggle for maintenance, but dangerously complicates the Mimosas business in the title race. 


ASEC Mimosas begins the meeting with an unprecedented team of six players from his reserve team. The team is arranged in 4-3-3 with BAGATÉ Sadi at the forefront of the attack. However, the Mimos are cold-picked on a morning goal in the 8th MN, on the WAC’s very first opportunity. The beautiful centre of GBÊ Vigori Jean Jaurès is well taken from the head by Glass Guy Désiré who deceives CISSÉ Abdoul Karim (1 – 0). The reaction of the ASEC Mimosas is not waiting and intervenes in the 13th MN, on a takeover of BAGATÉ Sadi, unfortunately well received by GORAN Edjeno Ezekiel, the goalkeeper of the Wasps of Williamsville. Things get a little more complicated for the mimos since the wasps of Williamsville are totally folding in their half of terrain, proceeding by counters. Back to the wall the players of the coach AMANI Yao do not let go. They are attacking but, by haste, their actions are poorly exploited. The Mimos leave at the break with a goal to their passive.

The ASEC Mimosas begins the second period with the entry of TOURÉ Amed in place of Kone Mohamed “Médjo”. Now we’re playing with two spikes. The WAC undergoes the “yellow and black” domination, but is very dangerous on the counters, like the 62nd mn which puts Dahal djedje in front of CISSÉ Abdoul Karim. Fortunately the goalkeeper Mimosas comes out victorious from the duel. The ASEC Mimosas is pressing but the WAC resists well. At the 85th Mn, BAGATÉ Sadi starts an acceleration and is shot down in the repair area without the referee whistling the penalty. The ASEC Mimosas fails to equalize and allows the WAC to get its first ever victory over it.

The Mimos are unfortunately no longer entitled to the error if they want to continue the race to the title. It will be soon to be restarted against the AFAD, next Sunday, on the 18th day, at Stade Robert CHAMPROUX.