The 'PCA' and CNACO chair met with the EI-YANAN Committee :

The ‘PCA’ and CNACO chair met with the EI-YANAN Committee

As indicated in our editorial of the week signed by the Director general of the club, Benoît YOU, the PCA of ASEC Mimosas and president of the CNACO, Me Roger OUÉGNIN, has been meeting for some time the various structures of the CNACO, namely those responsible for zones, the digital pole, committees to exchange in order to mobilize the shareholders who form the basis of the organization of the club. It was in this context that he received, on Sunday, February 10, 2019, on blessed Ground, the EI-YANAN Committee and its President Mrs. Ahoua FOFANA. This committee is one of the oldest among the ladies of the ASEC Mimosas and the PCA gives it great interest in remembrance of late Mrs. DOGNE Marthe, her first president who, in her time, had made EI-YANAN, one of the most dynamic women’s committees. President Roger OUÉGNIN encouraged Ms. Ahoua FOFANA and her Sisters of EI-YANAN to resume their activities in order to play their role at the ASEC Mimosas and contribute to the club’s influence. His message was very well received by the ladies of the EI-YANAN committee who promised her that he would now be on the front line in the battle for shareholder mobilization.