Editorial :

What is “being Mimos”?

We discussed last week here the question of the raison d’être of our association, stating that if the sporting results were very important, the very object of our Union was far beyond victory or defeat in a football game. This message is important to remember if we want to continue the development of our association.

For several weeks, Roger OUÉGNIN has met the various structures of the CNACO, responsible for zones, Poles, committees and to have participated I was marked by the permanent reminder to the origins of the club, its creation, its great presidents, players Or coaches, his big games…

Knowing your story is essential to better envision the future. Younger generations should not see this story over 70 years as a burden but rather as a legacy, a springboard for writing new pages.

During his appointment to the head of the ASEC Mimosas, let us remember that one of the first acts of Me OUÉGNIN was to bring together all the former presidents of the club to obtain their blessing. They were the guarantors of the history of the ASEC Mimosas and above all of its values built since 1948.

What is a value? First of all, it is a belief that is particularly important because it is deemed to be a vital part of life, whether it be towards oneself or towards others. It is also an estimate that “everything is not worth”. In football, some will build courage as an essential value when others prefer the beauty of the game.

As well as its record or its heritage, a club is defined by the values it conveys. We are all able to give the values of clubs such as Liverpool FC, Réal Madrid or Bayern Munich. Whether he wins or loses, Liverpool will remain red (although originally, this club played in blue and white!!!). Never “Reds” to scare his opponents who cross the portal of Anfield Road where his supporters sing the mythical “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Total courage and selflessness are the hallmarks of all those who wore this tunic like Steven Gerrard, Robbie Fowler, Jamie Carragher, Kevin Keegan or Luis Suarez, out of respect for these supporters from the working class of northern England And his missing from the dramas of the Heysel (39 died in 1985) and Hillsborough (96 died in 1989).

At the time of the emergence of a new generation of shareholders who have, for some, not known the hours of glory of the ASEC Mimosas of the years 90, it is useful to recall its history and its values that unite the members of our association. 

What does it mean to be mimos? What are our common values? How is a “Mimos” different from a “Oye” or a “Magnan”?

These questions are essential and in order to answer them, we have decided to launch a broad consultation with all the shareholders. Thus, in all our media (magazine, radio, website, official social networks…), you will find in the coming days a series of questions whose purpose will be to write in the marble these values that unite us and thus better transmit them to future generations. Other contributions will be welcome (texts, audio recording, video or any other medium) and we commit to publish a maximum of them.

Thank you all for your contribution to the construction of our club.


Benoît YOU