4th Day of the group stage of the Champions League/ASEC Mimosas 0 – 0 Mamelodi Sundowns :

Mamelodi resists the ASEC

The ASEC Mimosas was held in check (0 – 0), this afternoon at the Felicia, on the 4th day of Champions League groups. An unfortunate but not catastrophic result for the “yellow and black” who still keep all hope of getting one of the two qualifying places for the quarter-finals of the competition.

The Mimos make a good party start with a beautiful conservation session obliging the South Africans to retrench in their half of the land. The Mimos have mastery of the game, but do not get any goal opportunities. On the contrary, it is rather the visitors who get the first net opportunity of the match at the 23rd MN by THAPELO Morena. Alone against CISSÉ Abdoul Karim, the South African striker fails to frame his strike. This opportunity to the advantage of giving a little more rhythm to the game. The Mimos show themselves more conquerors but still lack readiness to better complete their actions. The first period ends with a blank void.

Both teams come back from the locker room with a change in their rank. Tam Abdul replaces Samake Gaoussou in the Mimos and on the South African side, Emiliano TADE is preferred to Leandro Sirino. The Mimos now evolve in 4-4-2 in front of the 4-5-1 South Africans.

Goal actions flock and go from one camp to another. At the 64th MN, the centre of MALO Patrick regained from the head by TOURÉ Amed finds Denis ONYANGO well in place. The Mimos return to the charge at the 70th mn, by midfielder DAO Mohamed Lamine who carries out a slalom in the opposing defense but sees his withdrawal stopped by a last defender.  The South Africans are struggling against the Mimosa fury. The mimosas pressure is accentuated but the South Africans hold up the whistle to snatch the white tie (0 – 0) at the ASEC Mimosas.

Mimosas and South Africans share the points of the fourth day. The ASEC Mimosas still retains all its chances of qualification to start by winning at the reception of Moroccans of the WAC, Saturday, March 9th, on behalf of the 5th day.