The chairman of the ASEC Mimosas Board of Directors informs

The Chairman of the Board of ASEC Mimosas shall inform the shareholders of the following decisions taken to reinvigorate the mobilisation of the shareholders and to involve them in the organisation of the matches:

To integrate a manager of the CNACO in the organizing committee of the matches of the ASEC Mimosas. Thus, during each match of our professional team, the CNACO will be represented for the organization and supervision of all the stages related to the game with the Ivorian Football Federation (IFF) and the National Sports Office (ONS):
Decision on the number of tickets to be put up for sale,
Number of doors/counters to open,
Choice of tellers,
Control of ticket sales,
Counting the recipe,

Redistribute the entire share of the ASEC Mimosas match recipe in the central north and South areas and the digital pole in order to give them the means to better mobilize the supporters.
This redistribution will be based on a distribution key defined by the President of the CNACO according to the input of each zone/pole into the mobilization.


For the PCA, president of the CNACO,
Mr Benoît YOU, general Manager