The true raison d’être of the Association

Men have always needed to associate. Thus, in Egypt at the time of the construction of the pyramids, we find structures which can be regarded as the ancestors of the associations of mutual relief.

An association is now defined as a convention whereby two or more persons share their knowledge or activities in a permanent and for a fixed term or not, for purposes other than sharing Benefits. This is the difference between the association and the private company since, in the case of the latter, its purpose is, in fine, the redistribution of profits to the shareholders. It is therefore not the case of the association whose possible benefits are reinjected into the association to strengthen its action.

With its millions of volunteers and employees, the associative world is one of the strongest forces in a country. On all fronts, on all territories and internationally, as close as necessary, associations Act and innovate every day in the general interest. Actors in the economy, they create jobs, generate activity, drive projects. Organized in networks, federations, unions at different territorial levels, they are interlocutors of the public authorities. 

The associations rely in large part on volunteers (from the Latin “benevolus” meaning “goodwill”) who “undertake, voluntarily, without compensation in the monetary sense of the term, in an action in the service of a third party or the Community “. It is most often the need to feel useful for the community and to participate in the improvement of the living-together that motivates most of these men and women who give their time to the service of others.

The world of sport (with health, social action, advocacy, environmental protection, education or culture) is one of the most important associative sectors, with most clubs and federations being formed in association Sport whose purpose is to develop the practice of sport. It is Law No. 60-315 of 21/09/1960 relating to associations which defines the rules of these legal structures.

The sports Association of trade employees (ASEC Mimosas) has this status since 1990 and if it has more than one hundred employees, most of its actors are volunteers, in love with sport in general and football in particular, referred to as ” United around common objectives contained in its statutes:

To foster and promote friendship and fraternity among its members;
To support, encourage, accompany and participate in all initiatives aimed at promoting the development and professional practice of competitive, collective and individual sports;
To participate in national and international sports competitions;
To organize and promote the practice and promotion of sport for the benefit of its amateur members and third parties;
To participate in initiatives aimed at setting up an establishment for the combined sport and study programmes;
To participate in the education and development of young people through sport, in particular in order to promote their social inclusion;
To work in the coaching of active or end-of-career sportsmen;
To contribute to the sports radiation of the Ivory Coast.

It is always useful to return to the origins of these associations of men and women in order to determine what connects them. Without a doubt, “being a shareholder” is first and foremost adhering to the above-mentioned objectives. Thus, if winning the title of champion of Ivory Coast or Africa is an important goal each season, you will notice that it does not appear anywhere in the missions of our association. That is not his reason for being first! Otherwise, after every defeat, it could be dissolved! The cement that unites the shareholders must be stronger. Thus, the recent decisions of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ASEC Mimosas to involve and to empower the shareholders in the organization of the matches and to redistribute to the zones and Poles, the recipes of the official matches of our club, Are strong acts that go in the direction of giving back to our volunteer supporters the means to better mobilize around our goals.

Shareholders, our association needs all its strong forces to address the challenges ahead. You’re the main.

Benoit YOU