CAF Champions League – Group A :

The ASEC is difficult to enter in the hen A

For his first game in Group A, the ASEC Mimosas fell heavily (5-2) in the evening of this Friday, in Rabat, facing the WAC Casablanca who took the lead of the group in front of Lobi Stars.

It is a Black Friday for the ASEC Mimosas who has just suffered its heaviest defeat in the Champions League of the CAF by bowing (5-2) before the WAC Casablanca. The Ivorian Champions were on a bad day. Practically nothing succeeded them tonight in Rabat, apart from the two goals they scored on the kicks of COULIBALY Wonlo (44 ‘) and BAGATÉ sadi “The Lion of Bouaké ” (85 ‘).

The Mimos were in a very bad day. They multiplied the bullet losses on bad passes and bad reminders, multiplied bad replacements and bad markings. They were always late on the stock. The Wydadis did not ask for more. They played at their ease, dominated the game and shacked 5 goals, sometimes as in training thanks to El HADDAD Ismail (16 ‘), BABATUNDE Michael (48 ‘), El MOUTARAJI Zouheir (56 ‘), El Karti Walid (69 ‘) and AOUK Badi (80 ‘).

The score could have been heavier for the WAC Casablanca if the Moroccans had been more successful. This is probably one of the nightmarish evenings for the ASEC Mimosas to quickly forget. The ASEC Mimosas has time and 5 other opportunities to redeem themselves to qualify for the quarter-finals. The battle continues.