12th Late Day: USC Bassam – ASEC Mimosas :

Win and go up again in the ranking

The ASEC Mimosas will update its calendar in Ligue 1, tomorrow Friday, December 28, at the Robert Champroux Stadium, arguing his late match of the 12th day against USC Bassam at 3:30 p.m. In case of success, the “Yellow and black” team will still be in the ranking and get a little closer to the top.

In Ligue 1, the Mimosas, Champions of Cote d’ivoire and currently 5es in the ranking with 19 points; 12 games played; 6 wins; 1 nul; 5 defactions; 18 goals scored; 14 cashed and a differential goal + 4, are on a beautiful series since the 10th day. They aligned 3 wins in as many games against respectively the Africa Sports (1-3; 10th day), Moossou FC (6-0; 11th day) and Bouaké FC (1-2; 13th day). They have marqué11 goals and cashed in 2. The group of AMANI Yao Lambert César surfs on a favorable wind. In addition to his good results in Ligue 1, he has just qualified for the group stage of the Champions League at the expense of the Malian stadium in Bamako. His confidence is strengthened before his last game of the year against the formation of USC Bassam.

The Bassamois will play thoroughly

The Islanders ‘ team occupies 11th place in the ranking with 14 points; 12 games played; 3 won; 5 dummies; 4 lost; 12 goals scored; 16 cashed and a differential goal-4. She is on a defeat against the sporting Club (2-1, 11th day) and a draw against the ASI Abengourou (1-1; 13th day). USC Bassam is not far from the relegation zone. But a defeat of less than 4 goals of variance will allow him to keep his 11th place. On the other hand, with a draw or a victory, the formation of the islanders will dislodge that of Lys Sassandra of 10th place to occupy it. The Bassamois will play thoroughly to get one of these two results in front of the Mimosas.

Complete the Year

The ASEC Mimosas will seek on his side to do everything to win for several reasons. First, to prolong his beautiful series; Secondly, to go up again in the ranking and third, to successfully complete the first phase of Ligue 1 as well as the year 2018. For all these reasons, a victory over USC Bassam will do much good to the ASEC Mimosas, and to the shareholders.