The wishes of the PCA :

The wishes of the PCA

Dear shareholders,

Each year that ends, with it, carries facts, events happy and less enjoyable, which are part of our personal history, family, national.

Ad hoc acts were asked, statements were made, published. Their effects will continue in 2019 and perhaps far beyond. Initiatives have been initiated to be implemented over time.

In any event, the memories or consequences of our actions, behaviours and words will remind us of our individual and collective responsibility in all respects.

The ASEC MIMOSAS has had a rich year of events. Our athletes, supervisors, supporters and bodies of administration, direction and communication, staff in office at the Académie de Sol Beni and at SOL BENI finish the year 2018, with the satisfaction of the qualification for the group phase of the CAF Champions League.

I would like to congratulate all those people who work for the ASEC MIMOSAS to resist, advance and win, despite the sharp thorns that are planted on its course.
I do not forget all our partners whose competition is extremely valuable to us.

Thanks to all of you, our history deserves respect and consideration, and our approach in 2019 will be coherent and determined.

To each and every one, to your respective families, I wish a happy and successful 2019 year in your companies.

Master Roger OUÉGNIN