Volleyball Super Cup of Ivory Coast ladies: ASEC Mimosas 3 – 1 Stella Club (11-25; 25-20; 25-16; 25-16) :

Beautiful start

The volleyball players indoors of the ASEC Mimosas won by 3 sets to 1 (11-25; 25-20, 25-16 and 25-16) The Super Cup of Cote d’ivoire against the girls of the Stella Club, Saturday 15 December, in Hall 2 of the Sports Park of Treichville. The players of Mrs. TALL Hadiaratou started the game badly by bowing (11-25) to the first set “because we started the game without our passers who were late. When they arrived, we raised our heads to win the last 3 games of the meeting, explained coach Mimosas. Thanks to this victory finally achieved without great difficulty, the “yellow and black ” showed their strengths and displayed their ambitions to achieve again the triple (Super Cup-championship-national cup) this season. Among men, it was the military of the Sports Society of the Army (SOA) who arranged with enormous difficulties by 3 sets to 0 (25-22; 25-22; 37-35), students of the National Institute of Youth and Sports (INJS). The score does not reflect the appearance of the encounter. The three sets were very tight even though the SOA won them all. Like the daughters of the ASEC Mimosas, the military retained their trophy to start the season well.

K. I