Editorial :

Every gift deserves!

Wednesday, March 7 2018, 16èmede final round of the Champions League 2018 to Dola (Zambia): Zesco United (Zambia)/ASEC Mimosas: 0-1

Headlines in the Ivorian press in the aftermath of this victory:

“The ASEC is needed in Zambia and makes a big step towards the hen phase” (www.linfodrome.com), “The ASEC Mimosas awaits the ZESCO” (Www.fratmat.info)

This good result obtained at Dola (Zambia) suggested, in the minds of most Ivorian people, a quasi-certain qualification of Mimos for the group phase of the Champions League.

The press mimosas, strong from his experience, had titled, in the aftermath of the match go: “positive result, but… there remain 90 minutes”. In the interior pages, coach Amani Yao, as soon as the final whistle of this round, had, in a press conference, declared: We made 20% of the way to travel. The 80% is coming. This is the most difficult. We know the sequel with the elimination at Stade Félix Houphouët-Boigny during the return match against those same Zambians who came to stab us 1-2.

Here we are, 9 months later, in an identical situation after this victory obtained in Bamako on the same score of 0-1. What do you think? Should we rejoice in this result?

Should we fear the return match where the “whites” of Bamako will come to play without calculating to overturn the table?

To answer these questions, let us ask all the elements of the present situation:

1) The Malian stadium is a very nice team, producing a beautiful football. She acquired many opportunities in the go game and could have scored goals,

2) The ASEC Mimosas did not steal its victory on the basis of a solid defensive bloc and the realism of its “serial goalscorer” Amed TOURÉ.

3) It is better to be in the situation of the ASEC Mimosas than in that of his adversary who is forced to impose himself in Abidjan.

Once these truths have been struck, anything is possible. The court will be the justice of the peace and let the players and the staff prepare this decisive match in calm and serenity. Who better than them know the pain of an elimination so close to the goal? A man warned by worth two, our players know what they have to do and we trust them to get over them and offer a very nice Christmas present to the shareholders.

However, any gift deserves, dear shareholders! You also have your role to play this Sunday. The Bamakois showed us a very nice lesson in support of their team last Saturday at the stage of the KEÏTA. More than 20 000 people stormed the grandstands to encourage their team from start to finish. Will we be able to offer the same show this Sunday? A real challenge was launched for the “Game of the season” that we will play this Sunday against a tough opponent. If you were to come only once this season at the stadium, come here this Sunday. Your players, your team and your club need you!

“All in Felicia, all in yellow!”

Benoît YOU