Africa Cup 16th final return of the CAF Champions League: ASEC Mimosas – Malian Stadium :

Yellow Tide for qualification

Beaten (0-1) by the ASEC Mimosas on its installations of the sport Stadium of KEÏTA, the Malian stadium in Bamako which wants to become the first training of its country to compete in a phase of chickens of the Champions League does not admit yet eliminated. The ASEC Mimosas must be careful and negotiate the return home game to avoid the mishap experienced last season, facing ZESCO United, at the same stage of the competition.

At the end of the match go, Diane Uqoatotyl (coach of the Malian stadium) had expressed the determination of his team to play the qualification thoroughly and to the end despite the loss suffered at home: “What happened to us is cruel, but that is not a reason” Your arms down. We will continue to believe in our chances. The ASEC Mimosas did not play better than us, he had entrusted to the Malian national daily, the rise. In the same vein as his coach, Kaka Sadio (midfielder of the Bamakois Stadis) clung to the slim hopes of his team: we are disappointed. We put every chance on our side to get a good result at home. But nothing is done. There’s still a back game to play. We know we have to do everything we have to do to turn the tide. The ASEC has done its job in Bamako. It’s a good team. But we are going to give ourselves to the bottom to bring the qualification of Abidjan. The Malian stadium has its back to the wall. This team has nothing to lose, but everything to gain. She will come to play her vatout in Abidjan without calculus. Which will give an open match. Avoid ZESCO United’s syndrome on the side of the ASEC Mimosas, we are warned. Last season, during the 16th to go from the same competition, the team had gone to the same feat (0-1) in Ndola (Zambia) against ZESCO United. But she had come to bow (1-2) to the return to Abidjan, to the great dismay of the shareholders. It was so traumatic that no mimos wanted to relive a similar drama. So the “yellow and black ” Keep the modest triumph: we had come to make a good match. Tactically, we defended well. Winning (0-1) outside is good to take. There’s still another game to play in Abidjan. It is this round that will be decisive, acknowledged with humility AMANI Yao Lambert César, Coach of the ASEC Mimosas, in Bamako, at the end of the first round. The Mimos started the job well. But it’s not over yet. It will have to be finished on Sunday, December 23rd, 2 days from the Christmas party to offer the qualification as a gift to the shareholders. The great strengths of the Mimos the Ivorian Champions have the means to pass the obstacle of the “whites of Bamako”. They have for them, the talent, the experience and a solid team block that knows well defending and scoring goals. During their last 6 outings, they recorded 5 wins, 1 nil, 13 goals scored against 2 cashed. The Mimosas training therefore has very good arguments to make a difference in front of its audience. The desire to access the hen phase will encourage him to play with rigor, application and determination to eliminate his opponent. A great yellow tide to give wings to the Mimosas the Malian team has benefited from the massive support of its public in Bamako in an attempt to take an option on qualification. She ran out of realism and lost. In turn, the ASEC Mimosas will benefit from the popular support of the shareholders. The AMANI Yao group must be able to take advantage of this advantage. The role of the shareholders will be decisive. The latter are therefore invited to form a veritable yellow tide to give wings to their team and to help them fly towards qualification. They have an obligation to do so. They are all expected in yellow, this Sunday, at the Stade FHB, to meet the challenge of qualification.

K. I