16th of the Champions League: Malian stadium in Bamako-ASEC Mimosas :

In Bamako with high morale

The ASEC Mimosas team succeeded in a beautiful operation on Monday, December 10, 2018, on the move to the peace stage, and took it (1-2) against Bouaké FC as part of the 13th League Day 1. A victory that strengthens the morale of the group of AMANI Yao before its displacement, Saturday 15 December 2018 in Bamako, on behalf of the 16th final go of the Champions League against the Malian stadium.

Without being sparkling, the ASEC Mimosas moves slowly, but surely towards its goals of the season. At the end of the 13th day of Ligue 1, despite a late match (that of the 12th day against USC Bassam), the team “yellow and black” was lifted from the 6th to 5th place in the ranking with 19 points and a differential goal + 4. Since Sunday 11 November, when she restarted in Ligue 1 by beating (3-1, 10th day) Her eternal rival, the Africa Sports. The ASEC Mimosas aligned only good results with 3 victories in as many matches and in the Champions League, she crossed the stage of the preliminary round thanks to 1 win, then 1 white loser against the ace Mangasport of Gabon. At the end of these 5 meetings, AMANI Yao group scored 12 goals against 2 cashed. This can be reassuring for the team and its supporters, but terrifying for the next opponents whose Malian stadium she faces on the move this Saturday 15 December, at 5pm GMT, at the stadium of the KEÏTA of Bamako.

A difficult to go game in perspective

The ASEC Mimosas goes to the capital of Mali with a high morale. It was important for us to win the championship in Bouaké before going to the Malian stadium in Bamako. This has been done and the confidence of the group has been strengthened. The match against Bouaké FC was also a good life-size test that allowed us to repeat our ranges and detect errors to be corrected, explains the assistant coach of the ASEC Mimosas, Dr. Fabrice. But he recognizes that the adversary is a serious customer. The Malian stadium is a very good team. His goalkeeper DIARRA Nicole is also that of the Eagles of Mali. He is very good and is almost 80% of his team’s strengths. The Malian stadium also has technical and talented midfielders, as well as formidable attackers. This team will not be easy to eliminate, warns no Fabrice.

Maintaining the ASEC myth

Apart from a false step in 1964 against the Malian stadium precisely, the football of the country of Sundiata KEÏTA has always succeeded to the ASEC Mimosas. On 4 clashes in the Champions League (1964, 1971, 1993, 2001), the Mimosas ripped off 3 qualifications from Malian clubs. This myth must be maintained in this 2018-19 edition. What the new Cuvée Mimosas is determined to do. She respects the Malian team, but she does not fear it. On the contrary, the difficulty mobilizes and excites the Ivorian Champions, who are ready to fight and defeat to walk in the steps of their elders. “We have our strengths on which we will support ourselves to pull off a good result (the draw or victory) to our opponents, this Saturday, December 15, at the sports Stadium of the KEÏTA.
The ASEC Mimosas is a group and a state of mind. The commando we choose will be able to rise to the occasion to take an important step towards the qualification in Bamako, assures no Fabrice.