2nd day of Ligue 1/ASI of Abengourou – ASEC Mimosas: 1 – 1 :

The ASEC takes a point at Abengourou

The Mimos came out of the Abengourou ASI trap with a zero score (1 – 1), this afternoon at Stade Henri Konan Bédié, on the 2nd day of Ligue 1.

For the first outing to the interior of the country this season, ASEC Mimosas knows a difficult start to match the state of the stadium HKB. The ball circulation is practically impossible with rebounds everywhere. The game turns to a game of physical combat. In this situation, the players of the ASI, less in difficulties are the first to obtain opportunities of goal. At the 10th MN, on a fast counterattack, the players of the ASI reach the surface of repair mimosas. The strike of Dixit Mamadou is countered by the elbow by GONAZO BI Ya Thomas. The referee grants the penalty to the ASI. Dixit Mamadou is facing CISSE Abdoul Karim who stops the attacker’s attempt and avoids the ASEC Mimosas to take an early goal. The game is unbridled with opportunities for goals that are rare. At the 39th mn, the ASEC Mimosas gets an eccentric free kick on its right side. OUATTARA Kalpi, the left-handed striker enters and finds the head of Dixit Hamed who takes the goalkeeper Dixit Nafsal failing. The ASEC Mimosas opens the score (1 – 0; 39th mn) Just before the break that comes after a minute of time.

The second period starts with a double change on the side of the ASEC Mimosas. Amed Toure and Karyani Souleymane replace NTAMON Jérôme and Samake Gaoussou respectively. Coach Mimosas changes his system to reinforce his defensive base. The game gets even rougher with a higher pace. The ASI of Abengourou is attacking and the Mimos proceed by counter-attacks.  The ASEC Mimosa manages the game well and offers an opportunity to take the break at the 65th MN. But Braciano forgot to serve Amed Toure in withdrawal. At the 67th MN, the coach of the ASI of Abengourou performs a double replacement and the entry of Kaur Eyoufinan and Dixit Melhem. Two minutes later and after a bad revival of the defence Mimosas, Dixit Melhem is left alone in front of CISSE Abdoul Karim and opens her flat of the foot to equalize (1 – 1; 69th mn). The ASI returns to the score and closes its bases with the entry of a new defender in place of an attacker. Despite a good willingness to take advantage, ASEC Mimosas is obliged to share points with the ASI of Abengourou (1 – 1).

On behalf of the third day, ASEC Mimosas will receive the WAC on Sunday 23 September at 3.30 pm at the FHB Stadium.