To the onslaught of China and Sweden

Prior to his holiday, the de Sol Beni Academy would be touring the 2018 season with two international tournaments in China and Sweden. Two more outings to enrich a season already very well accomplished.

Pascal THÉAULT, the director of the de Sol Beni Academy, will first lead a selection of U15 and U16 in China, from Saturday 7 to Tuesday 17 July, to take part in the 4th edition of the Shanghai International Youth Football organized by the Foundation Shanghai Overseas Chinese. A first for the de Sol Beni Academy that finds there, the opportunity to explore the Asian continent to express the values that have made its reputation in Africa and Europe. The tournament includes 16 teams including 12 foreign and 4 Chinese. 

In addition to the discovery, it will be one more experience for those boarders who had already completed an internship in Ghana and then in Europe.

Alongside their cadets in China, the U17 will be in Sweden for the 3rd participation of the ASEC Mimosas in the elite Gothia Cup Tournament which will take place from 15 to 21 July next. Housed in hen a with Swedish teams (IFK Norrköping and AIK FF) and Polish (Legia Warszawa SA), the Mimosas team will once again try to preserve the confidence given by the organizers of the tournament which ensures the renewed invitations to This youth Football festival, every year, in Sweden.


3 Questions to Pascal THEAULT (director of the de Sol Beni Academy)

“We will inevitably come back even stronger”

Under what signs do you place these next two outings knowing that you have already practically achieved your goal of giving at least one tournament and one tour to each boarder of the de Sol Beni Academy? 

 These trips are in the continuity of previous tours or tournaments that we had this season. We continue to go out to get in touch with international football, in different contexts, styles and cultures. We are going to discover Asia, a continent that is constantly advancing. We saw it in the World Cup with the benefits of South Korea and Japan. It will still be a source of enrichment for young people and supervisors. We will try again to defend the yellow and black colors of the ASEC Mimosas. We will inevitably come back a little stronger.

How do you intend to negotiate this first trip of the de Sol Beni Academy in Asia? 

I know a little bit about the style of the game of Chinese whose players are usually small in size, but very athletic, lively and powerful. Their football is very dynamic with exemplary tactical rigour like the one that South Korea showed against Germany, during the hen matches of the world 2018. It is a booming football that has not finished surprising us. I’m looking forward to seeing our players confront these kind of opponents. It is necessarily in the difference that one gets richer. I thank our club and its leaders who allow us to participate in various international tournaments and to live each time new experiences.

You will be at the 3rd participation of the de Sol Beni Academy at the elite Gothia Cup Tournament in Sweden. What should we expect this year after the 3rd place you occupied in 2017? 

Last year’s teams will not necessarily all be present this year. In a tournament of young people or seniors, you can not master everything. It is almost impossible to make predictions. We go there to give the maximum. It is not a concern for us to have a better result than last year. You can win a tournament because you’ve been better than your opponents or lose it because you’ve met stronger than yourself. I recall that before returning to the de Sol Beni Academy, I was the director of the Royal Academy of Morocco. With this one, we ended a tournament of TIDA, here in Abidjan, at the 8eplace. But that did not prevent us from having 3 players in the national team of Morocco who participated in the world in Russia, one of which, en-Nesyria registered the 2ebut of Morocco against Spain. 



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