CNACO-South Zone :

The Moayé Committee of Yamoussoukro installed

Created and solemnly presented at the extraordinary general meeting of the ASEC Mimosas on 28 January 2018, the Comité Moayé de Yamoussoukro was formally presented and invested by the CNACO responsible for the animation and mobilization In the southern Zone, TRAORÉ Samba, on Saturday, April 14, 2018. 

During a nice ceremony at the “BOOGNAK” space, the chairman of the Moayé committee, N. A. BI Kaya Anatole and his full office were presented to the public composed of a hundred shareholders who stormed this space. Marking the official start of their mission of facilitating, raising awareness, mobilizing and guiding supporters (shareholders and sympathizers) within the populations of the autonomous District of Yamoussoukro or even the region of the lakes. It all began in 11:50 with the Welcome to the “BOOGNAK” space of the 18-member delegation led by President TRAORÉ Samba, assisted by BLA Yao, the head of the CNACO in the central-North Zone. Followed the series of speeches. 

Welcoming the arrival of the delegation of the CNACO, the chairman of the Moayé Committee, the first meeting of the Committee on 15 October 2017 on the solemn presentation of 28 January 2018. “It wasn’t easy. Because the shareholders have been very hesitant and even dragged the steps. But God helping, we have succeeded. In any case, after the pride of having been solemnly greeted at the AGE of the ASEC Mimosas as the First Committee of the year 2018, the whole committee Moayé feels very honoured by this delegation that sets us up today, “he congratulated himself before he pledged to continue his Mission with selflessness, love, loyalty and patience. 

After that, and after Martin Akarsu, the programme director of Radio RJN presented the media of the ASEC Mimosas and invited the assistance to appropriate them, President BLA Yao, responsible for the CNACO in charge of the Centre-North Zone will raise awareness The youth of Yamoussoukro to support and support the ASEC Mimosas at the expense of foreign teams that they do not have the opportunity to touch. The way cleared, President TRAORÉ Sambaa then, in a long and dense speech, congratulated the Moayé Committee, set its responsibilities before formally putting it on mission: you have clearly demonstrated that you are a man of mission. I will now be able to count on your office and yourself to keep the flame of ASEC Mimosas lit up in the District of Yamoussoukro, he said to the place of President, Mr. N. BI Anatole and his collaborators. 

The sending on mission made, KONAN Krou Firmin, the representative of the President of this ceremony, the prefect of the region and the Department of Yamoussoukro, in turn, praised the spirit of organization that is the very essence of the success of the ASEC Mimosas. The ASEC Mimosas has always been the lung of Ivorian football thanks to its seriousness and its organisation. When the ASEC is running at full throttle, it’s all Ivorian football shining. When the ASEC has a cold, it is the Ivorian football as a whole that sneezes. By my voice, the Prefect of the region and the Department of Yamoussoukro wishes long life to the ASEC Mimosas, so that the Ivorian football will live, he said. Not without closing this ceremony with a prayer of blessing imploring the Almighty so that the yellow and black club regains its luster of yesteryear.