The reserve and the teams of the de Sol Beni Academy :

Friendly games with Blessed Sol beni

While awaiting the return of Zambia from the delegation of the ASEC Mimosas, scheduled this Saturday, the reserves teams and the academy Mimosas have played friendly matches in the morning with blessed Sol.

On the field Laurent patience, in a period of three times 30 minutes, the team reserves with the players of the professional team who did not travel in Zambia, including NOUGBELE Christian and Devine Daouda (returns of Injury) received the formation of Horizon Football Club of Koumassi which she beat (5 – 2). The Mimosas goals were recorded respectively on a self-goal of a defender then by rent Bayéré, then on a double of Tam Abdoul and finally by VOLI BI Abdoul.

On the other side, on the field Ignace Balaji, the U15 and U18 of the de Sol Beni Academy were confronted with their categories of FC San Pedro. The U15 coached by Evon Sébastien have imposed themselves on the score of 4 goals to 3 with goals of doll Ben, KONE Lamine (doubled) and YALKOUE Malick. The U18 under the leadership of Emilda Félix on the other hand were defeated on the score of 1 goal at 0.
For the last game of the day, coach ZARE Abbott and his U16 took the best (2 – 1) on the team of the AC Vallee of Bouaké, thanks to two goals enshrined by Bailey Kader and BLE Junior.