Close-up/denials Christ Kay Demsen :

Waits his hour with patience

Very in sight last season with Williamsville Atletic Club Adjamé (WAC), with which they splashed the Ligue 1 championship of Ivory Coast by finishing 2nd in the ranking only 1 point of the ASEC Mimosas, DENIS Christ Kay Demsen, landed at Sol Blessed to the interseize to progress in his young career and reach the high level.
“The ASEC Mimosas is an ambitious club that makes its players popular, tenfold their ambitions and allows them to reach the high European level if they know how to give their best,” said DENIS Kay Christ Damsen, when he signed his Contract with the club “yellow and black”. Normal! For the ambitions of the ASEC Mimosas, 25 times champion of Côte d’ivoire, have never changed one iota. Always go ahead and win as many trophies as possible. In the rank of the Williamsville Atletic Club (WAC), with which DENIS Kay Christ Damsen has evolved last season in Ligue 1, he has illustrated himself in the most beautiful ways by finishing best side of the championship. He also allowed his club to tickle the tenors of Ivorian football missing in Extrémis the title of champion to the benefit of his current club (44 pts against 45).  The WAC has managed this fabulous traverse for its very first in Ligue 1 thanks in particular to this formidable fighter in the duels in the right hallway. Also, it has an irresistible desire to go forward to bring solutions in attack. In short, DENIS Kay Christ Damsen has brought enormously to the WAC, by his defensive technical qualities to make the difference collectively and individually. All of his qualities contributed to his enrolment in the ranks of the Mimosas.

Waiting for his time…

Trained at the sport youth of Bassam (JSB), DENIS Kay Christ Damsen, quickly adapted to the spirit of the ASEC Mimosas. During the opening of the season against the AFAD, he had been tenure. But on that day, the ASEC lost Entry (0-1). Since then he has not really had the opportunity to show what he can do. Because no longer tenure. The competition obliges! But no way to get out of his hinges a calm and docile boy. “I’m already happy to have played a few minutes under my new colors,” he said, even though we lost. I stay focused and determined, hoping to seize my chance when she presents herself, “he assures. His coach AMANI Yao Lambert César, knowing the young age of his player (21 years old), continues to follow him in training, leading him to take initiatives without restraining himself. “He has to let go and dare more,” a colleague told us about the player. DENIS Kay Christ Damsen, aware of his situation, is working more and more and is being conquered to live up to the challenge and also the competition on the defensive line of the Mimos. “He’s a quiet, serious, respectful player who likes to work. His strength is his mind and his desire to always win, reveals YAO Kaya Alphonse with whom he evolved at the WAC. Easy to recognize because of his afro style, DENIS Kay Christ Damsen who has as an idol the Brazilian DANI Sayad of PSG for his speed, his travels and his commitment, intends to overcome his shyness and spread his potentialities. Called “Eboué”, named after Émmanuel Eboué, ex-international Ivorian, for its physical resemblance and also for its style of the game, the right lateral mimosas likes to dribble in small spaces and also try long openings to create situations of Purpose. The native of Grand-Bassam intends to succeed at the ASEC Mimosas by winning trophies, becoming, international Ivorian and signing one day at Paris Saint Germain, his club of heart.



First names: Amed

DATE and place of birth: 17 July 1987 in Bouaké

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Foot of choice: cheek of both feet

Number of the jersey: 29

Post: Striker

International in Burkina Faso

Individual statistics season 2017-2018

Number of games played: 3

Number of minutes Played: 243

Goals: 4

Assists: 1