BLA Yao provides interim president El Hadj divide Youba

Deceased on Friday, 29 September, at the PISAM,El Hadj DJIRA Youba, member of the board of Directors of the ASEC Mimosas and responsible for the animation and mobilization of the shareholders of the north Central Zone of Côte d’ivoire, was buried on Sunday October 1st, in Bouaké. The ASEC Mimosas will give him his last tributes this Sunday on the occasion of the ceremonies of the 7th day.


To continue the mobilization work in the North Central Zone, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASEC Mimosas and president of the CNACO, Me Roger OUEGNIN, decided that it is BLA Yao who ensures the interim. But who is this shareholder?
BLA Yao, 56 years old, is married and father of 4 children. He is currently the head of Communication and training at Gbêkê ‘s Regional Directorate of Public Health and hygiene. He was the faithful lieutenant of the late President El Hadj DJIRA Youba until the latter’s disappearance and he held the position of communication Officer of the Communal committee of shareholders of Bouaké. He explains how and since when he became Mimos: I am part of the club of supporters of the ASEC Mimosas since 6 August 1968. It was on the occasion of the final of the National Cup won (3-2) by the ASEC Mimosas in front of the stadium of Abidjan. »
Thereafter, BLA Yao led a life of fervent supporter of the Yellow and black club and always took an active part in the life of the shareholder committees everywhere he went. In 1982, he was responsible for the creation of the Students ‘ committee of supporters of the ASEC (CESA) of Bingerville. The following year he was still the initiator of the CESA of Port-Bouët. In 1989, he joined the Committee of Shareholders of Bouaké, then headed by YAO Jean Paul. In 1991, he became a member of the Committee of Shareholders of Tabou, in the south-west of Côte d’ivoire. Subsequently transferred to Bouaké, he contributed, in 1993, to the creation of the Subcommittee of Shareholders of the second economic capital of Côte d’ivoire. Since 1993, BLA Yao has been a member of the Municipal committee of shareholders of Bouaké. One of his great actions in this committee was the feat of harvesting 5000 000f CFA after the sale of the T-shirts of the ASEC Mimosas, during Operation Terminator, in 1998. BLA Yao also took part in major shareholder trips to Owerri, in southeastern Nigeria, in 1991; Then in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, in 1992 and finally in Kumasi, in central Ghana, in 1992, then in 1993.

On Saturday, 16 September, it was BLA Yao who had organized with the members of the communal committee of Bouaké, the meeting with the shareholders of the North Centre that President Roger OUEGNIN animated, in the absence of President DJIRA Youba, because of illness. It is therefore for all these reasons that President Roger OUEGNIN chose him to ensure the interim of the late El Hadj DJIRA Youba.