Volleyball: After the Triple-Cup (Championship-national cup) :

President Roger OUEGNIN has received and congratulated the volleyball Section

Last Saturday, on the terrace of the restaurant “Le Lam’s de Sol Beni”, the Chairman of the Board of the ASEC Mimosas, Me Roger OUEGNIN, surrounded by some of his closest collaborators (Mme ACHI Caroline, Eric DJIBO, TRAORE Samba and Benoît YOU ) has received the leaders, the technical and medical framers as well as the players of the volleyball Section of the club around a cocktail. The purpose of this invitation was to congratulate President DOSSO Tiémoko and his collaborators as well as the players for their remarkable season that saw them win the national volleyball Supercup, then the national championship and finally the Cup National. After indicating the purpose of this invitation, the Director-General of the ASEC Mimosas, Benoît YOU, gave the floor to Captain KONAN Ahou Prisca who introduced his teammates. Then, the head coach, Mrs. TALL Hadiaratou, on behalf of the Section’s president, Tiémoko, presented the leaders and his collaborators. The PCA of ASEC Mimosas then intervened to express its joy and congratulate the whole section. “I am very glad to welcome you once again to Sol blessed after a great season that you have just achieved.” Last year you missed the National cup. But this year you have won everything in spite of tough teams that have strengthened to prevent you from being champions (…) Bravo for these three trophies. Next season, if you manage to keep the three trophies this year, I will double the bonus I am offering you today. In the meantime, at the request of CONGO Ibrahim, one of your precious supporters on the board of Directors, I offer you the 3 sets of jerseys that you have worn at each of the 3 finals of this year, said President Roger OUEGNIN.


Captain KONAN Ahou Prisca, then TALL Fatimata, the youngest of the team, presented the trophies of the Supercup, the championship and the National Cup to President Roger OUEGNIN, respectively.


At the end of the ceremony, the PCA, Me Roger OUEGNIN then intervened to say: “We all enjoyed this moment of sharing.” We agreed with President DOSSO Tiémoko to allow you to train at the Palais des Sports on the parquet floor. For players looking for a job, the director General is doing the right thing to help them find internships. Finally, I promise to attend all of your three finals next season, said to conclude, President Roger Ojo. Kay Akissi Christelle, one of the players speaking on behalf of her comrades, said their gratitude to Roger Ojo: Mr President, we thank you for your support, for the internship in Germany that you allowed me to do. We promise to win the three national trophies of the next season.