Editorial :

Day of mobilization, gathering and partying

Two major events marked the news of the ASEC Mimosas in the day of Saturday, September 16. One took place in the morning in Abidjan and the other in the afternoon in Bouaké. These two events had the same goal: to mobilize the shareholders and bring them closer to their club.


The event in Abidjan was the open day, in the morning of Saturday, on Sol Beni, to enable shareholders to commune with their players during the official presentation of the new cuvée of the professional team of the ASEC Mimosas. The ceremony was interesting and full of emotion. In the course of this, a friendly opposition allowed the coach and the shareholders to see their players in a game situation against the formation of Ligue 2 of the French. Six (6) elements and not least TA BI Willy Braciano, SANOGO Issa, N’DAO Mohamed Lamine, DIARRASSOUBA Daouda, NOUGBELE Christian, Komlan AGBEGNIADAN) were missing the call. But the delivery of those who played the friendly meeting reassured the shareholders. The official presentation of the Cuvée 2017-2018 to the public and the sports press was a total communion between the shareholders, the players and the framers. All in a festive atmosphere maintained by the animation created by a podium truck and by the booths of the club partners (Orange, OILIBYA, StarTimes…) who have offered many gifts to the shareholders present. Everyone is very satisfied and very happy.
The second event of the day, that of Bouaké, took place in the afternoon, and it concerned the meeting scheduled for a month that President Roger OUEGNIN was to hold with the shareholders of the north-central Zone, having met and exchanged with those of the South Zone, on Sunday, July 30th, at the headquarters of CNACO. And last Saturday, during the work meeting that took place in the vast hall of the Carnival Palace, the PCA of ASEC Mimosas called the many shareholders present at the rally and mobilization. He explained to them the need to become individual active members or collective active members. The aim of this organisation is simply to mobilize to serve the ASEC Mimosas, which works for the entire Ivory Coast in the union, the discipline and the work. President Roger OUEGNIN also stated that the objective of the ASEC Mimosas is to win again the Champions League before 2021 in order to create a dynamic that will allow the elephants of Cote d’ivoire to win the CAN 2021 that the nation will organize. He also spoke about the other projects of the club such as the construction of a second sports complex called Gboro-Garg on a plot of 6, 5 in Bingerville, the construction in Bouaké of a headquarters of the shareholders of the centre-Nord Zone and a training Centre For the recruitment of the best young people of the region on behalf of the ASEC Mimosas. The Bouaké meeting was a popular party that attracted the world and let us see the future prospects of the club that are very promising.
In view of these two events held in Abidjan, then in Bouaké, it can be said that on Saturday 16 September spent was a historic day of mobilization, gathering, celebration and hope at the ASEC Mimosas.