Interview: Pascal THEAULT (Director general of the Académie Mimosifcom) :

“It’s important to be together”

-What are your feelings after more than five weeks of leave?


“For a comeback, impressions are always good because it’s a pleasure to be together again.” It’s our job, our vocation, whether it’s the framers or the young people, we all love football. It is also a pleasure to belong to this great club, the ASEC Mimosas.


-You have a lot of emphasis on these values. Is it important to remind them?


This is important. It’s a priority. The values must be perpetuated, because football existed before us and football will exist after us. The ASEC Mimosas existed before us and the ASEC mimosas will exist after us. This means that the most important thing is not oneself, but the club. So, for the club to continue its best route, we must communicate and transfer to the generations that arrive the importance of belonging to the ASEC Mimosas: Why we are here, who we are, what we have, who we owe, etc. We have to put things right to their rightful places. Then we’ll have time to talk about football and other details.


-What are the innovations in this new season?


As with each one tries first to continue what has been built and well built by our predecessors, to rely on these certainties even if I do not like this word, to try in all humility to improve the achievements so that the youngster has the most luck POS Possible to become a professional.


-What are the categories that make their entry this season?


When the leaders made me come, they asked me to have a look at the club’s sports structure. We set up a reserve group, we recreated a 14-year-old group. We continue with the school of football in the Externat (U12). In short, we really want to make sure that we have a welcome structure to give young people in this country the opportunity to be trained in the best possible conditions.