INTERVIEW ... Henriette Giang-Billn (Director of Communication and Sustainable development SIFCA) :

« The experience was positive »

The SIFCA group and the ASEC Mimosas have decided to allow inmates of the Académie Beni to carry out a work-discovery internship in the integrated Agricultural units (IAU). Mrs Henriette Giang-Billn, the director of Communication and sustainable Development of the SIFCA Group expressed satisfaction with this first experience in this interview which she has given us.


Young people from the Beni Academy were taken over by SIFCA to participate in an immersion course on sites of the SIFCA group. What did this internship consist of?
This internship consisted of discovering the agricultural world to the top 20 academicians during their school holidays, through a 2-week immersion in our 3 streams, namely palm oil, cane sugar and natural rubber.

They were thus welcomed on 3 of our integrated Agricultural units (IAU): Toupah (for rubber), Zuénoula (for sugar) and Ehania (for palm oil).
What motivated the initiative of this internship project?

The SIFCA group is the privileged partner of the Académie Beni since its creation! In addition, following the meeting of the Directorate of Communication and Sustainable development with the academicians last July, the young people expressed their wish to discover the activities and agricultural professions of the SIFCA group. We also found that this internship was an opportunity for exchanges between academicians and our employees, their families and local communities.

How was the internship conducted on all the different sites?

After a reception by the director of the site or his representative, the internship took place in several strong times:

-Visits (administration, plantations, factories, social infrastructures …);

-Presentations of the process of processing oil, sugar and rubber;

-Meetings and moments of sharing with the employees of the IAU and their families;

-Exchanges with surrounding communities

-Sports activities and outings (jogging; foot; swimming pool; indoor sports).

What impressions did you train the interns?

The interns made a very good impression on us. They were very curious and eager to learn and take advantage of all the knowledge gained.
Do you feel that you have achieved your goals?

We are very pleased to have completed this first immersion internship. These young people come out flourishing and glad to have discovered the trades of the land that their parents exercised. This project is a first step in our future collaboration that we want to strengthen with the Beni Academy.

What were the returns of the families who welcomed the young academicians?

The families who welcomed our young academicians did so with great enthusiasm. The interns were able to live their daily life, but also share their experience as academicians of the ASEC Mimosas.

What are your feelings as a result of this experience with the youth of the Beni Academy?

We are pleased to have helped to make young academicians discover activities and trades outside their field of competence.

Do you intend to renew the experience?

Of course! Coming out of this pilot experience that has proven to be positive, we hope to be able to republish this project soon next year.