Professional team :

The reserve team is on the job!

A week after the re-entry 2017 – 2018 of the professional team of the ASEC Mimosas, it is the turn of the reserve team to make his comeback of the classes, this Monday 11 September 2017, on Sol Beni, under the guidance of no, the coach Deputy in charge of this team of the yellow and Black club.

This first training session was marked by physical tests, vameval and weight training tests on the ground. Set up during the Interseizion, this reserve team will serve as a transmission belt between the Beni Academy and the professional team of the yellow and Black club. “We have the task of recovering young people at the end of their training at the academy to prepare them to join the occupational group when the need arises,” said the assistant coach in charge of the reserve team. A total of 13 players, from the Beni Academy, and others from the League 2, league 3 clubs, took part in this inaugural session. 5 Other players are expected to bring the squad to 18 players. The training sessions will intensify as we go along, in order to make this reserve team competitive to avoid any eventuality, next season, under the sign of “confirmation and consecration”.