Assembly ordinary General 2017/PCA speech :

Roger OUEGNIN: “2017-2018 will be the season of confirmation and then consecrat

In an overheated atmosphere, ASEC Mimosas held its ordinary general meeting on Sunday, August 27, on the Treichville Labour exchange.
A meeting started by observing a minute of silence in memory of all the missing mimosas and more peculiar to those of Laurent Vinay and Jean KEITA who left us recently.


The PCA Roger OUEGNIN has, among other things, ratified by the Assembly the appointment in the Board of Directors of Mr Pierre Billn (general manager of the SIFCA Group, chairman of the Board of Directors of the SIFCOM Group, chairman of the Board of the Beni Academy and member individual of the ASEC Mimosas, he immediately appointed 2nd vice-chairman of the Board of Directors and President-delegate of the ASEC Mimosas , before announcing the great works of the season 2017-2018, the season of the confirmation and consecration.
We offer you the full speech of the PCA Me Roger OUEGNIN:

Dear shareholders,

Dear Partners of the ASEC MIMOSAS,

Dear Guests and Friends of the Press,

I am happy to meet you today in this place full of symbols and memories for our Association. After several general assemblies organized under the Blessed floor marquee, we decided to return to Treichville, on the labour exchange. It was here that on May 20, 1990, we held our annual general meeting and we baptized our sports complex, Sol Beni. It is at Treichville, precisely Avenue 21 – Villa Nicole at the home of the first president of the club, Mr Joseph KOUAMENAN that our Association was born …, it was in Treichville that we installed the seat of the CNACO …, it was to Treichville that the team of “Sol Beni” played …

Sol Blessed is our home but Treichville, it is also our home! In fact, in Ivory Coast, we are everywhere and we have shown this season by winning this title of Ivory Coast Champion!

We have just completed a sporty year full of emotions on many planes. One year, day to day, after the election of the board for a new 5-year term, the time has come to take stock of the past season, with regard to the promises made and the objectives set.

I told you that my ambition was intact after 27 years of presidency at the head of our Association and that was the reason why I asked for your confidence for five more years. I have not lied to you and today, more than ever, I have faith in the future of our Association and our club. We’re going to do great things together.

As a reminder, we have defined our program for the 5 years of our mandate around the following 3 axes:
  • Governance: Improving the governance of the Association and strengthening the leadership teams through the arrival of new skills;
  • Heritage: Strengthening the heritage of the association and improving our working tool by building a new training centre;
  • Sport PERFORMANCE: Regaining sports success through the continuation of training, the reinforcement of the technical framework and a reform of the recruitment policy of the players.
On these three points, we have made great progress during this sports season and I propose to introduce them to you.
At the institutional level

At the institutional level, the new rules of operation adopted at the last Joint General Assembly were aimed at equipping the Association with strong and modern bodies to ensure continuity of the system in all circumstances.

It is never easy to change the operating rules of an organization and yet all the actors have appropriated the changes that have occurred during this season. You may have observed that our Association, which has never stopped looking for the most efficient organization, has, during this season, had to make changes to the level of its institutional system.

Thus, on 5 July 2017, I made the decision to appoint President Francis Ojo to the position of President Delegate in lieu of Vice-President Tim, who, owing to his increasingly important professional activities, wished to be discharged from this responsibility.

Similarly, I have personally taken up the chairmanship of the CNACO since 5 July 2017, following the request of Vice-President Masurkar Kawakami to be discharged from this function for personal reasons. I have asked all the actors of the CNACO (individual active members and collective active members) to reflect on the new organization to put in place to always better mobilize the shareholders. Mr Divide YOUBA and Mr Thiam Samba, both members of the Board of Directors of the ASEC Mimosas and who have always been very close to the CNACO, have been appointed respectively responsible for the central and North Zone (divide YOUBA) and responsible for the southern zone (Thierry Samba). The CNACO’s new mobilization and action strategy is being developed and will be presented to you in the coming months. I am counting on the contribution of each of you to this reflection.

During the meeting of the Board of Directors of the ASEC Mimosas held on August 17, I asked the board of directors to approve my proposal to choose Mr Pierre billion, Director-general of the SIFCA Group, chairman of the Board of the SIFCOM Group, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Beni Academy and individual active member of our Association, on the board of Directors of the ASEC Mimosas and , as our statutes provide, I submit to your ratification this appointment.

Thank you for your confidence. Unfortunately, Pierre Billn could not be here today but I will pass on your approval.

As you know, the SIFCA and SIFCOM groups have been at our side for nearly 30 years and they have participated in all the adventures of our Association: The acquisition of the blessed soil complex, the creation of the Beni Academy … Even today, these groups support us by providing funding to our training centre. Without them we would never have been able to realize what we have built.

By virtue of the powers conferred on me by the statutes of our Association, Mr Pierre billion I immediately appoint Mr Pierre Billn 2nd vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of ASEC Mimosas and President-delegate to replace President Francis OUEGNIN.
The composition of the Vice President’s College is now as follows:

1st Vice President: Mr Francis OUEGNIN
2nd Vice President: Mr Pierre billion
3rd Vice President: Mr KOUABLAN Messou
4th Vice President: Mrs ACHI Caroline
5th Vice-Chairman: Mr Léonce YACE
6th Vice President: Monsieur Eric DJIBO
As you can see, our Association is constantly moving because it has to adapt continuously to the realities and external constraints.  I am convinced that these changes are signs of good health for our club which does not allow itself to be locked in a routine that could be dangerous for its longevity.
Heritage PLAN

As you can read on one of the new banners deployed in this room, our goal is to make Sol Béni our economic lung and Gboro Gbata, our refuge and our new training center. Last year, I had announced the acquisition of a land of 4.5 hectares on the commune of Bingerville. I can tell you today that we have acquired 2 additional hectares on the same site to build a high-standing training centre with a total area of 6.5 hectares.

This new acquisition demonstrates our ambition to have a complex that meets all the international standards to allow our players on the professional team and the training center to be in the optimum conditions to achieve results commensurate with the ambitions of our club.

We have to program that by 2021, the SOL BENI/ BGORO GBATA couple will be a reality and set up our Club in a perpetuity to testify to its strength and grandeur.
I would like to begin by congratulating the volleyball team on the two titles won this season, namely the Super coupe and the national championship while waiting for the National cup final. Congratulations to our daughters, to his president and to all the staff. You’re making us proud!

With regard to the Football section, I told you that we will Champion of Cote d’ivoire from the season 2017 and thanks to the work of all, we got this title.

I would like to thank all the people who worked for the reconquest of this trophy:

  • The players and the members of the technical and medical coaching, the stewards who fought until the penultimate day to keep this advance acquired throughout the season (21 days on 26 at the top of the ranking). Of course, I must first of all thank, Thierry Santos Gigi, who managed the inevitable contradictions, the passions and the anxieties well understandable of each other, to arrive at the result expected by all.
  • The members of the Board of Directors, the staff of the branch and you the shareholders and sympathizers who have trusted me all these years. I listened to your criticism and comments and made me stronger to look for solutions
  • Our partners of course have remained loyal to us, some for many years as the group SIFCA, ORANGE, ORCA, EUROLAIT, ALLIANZ or CLUB SOCOCE and others more recently like UTB, SOTICI, COQIVOIRE, NSIA, OILIBYA or STARTIMES.
  • All the employees of the ASEC mimosas, the journalists and the technical staff of the Mimosas Magazine, the website and RJN, the drivers, the gardeners, the professors, the cooks, the surface technicians, the accountants …


This title is yours, this title is ours, the fruit of an incessant work for Excellence. Thank you all and BRAVO. But … the battle continues.


Indeed, there is still much to do because everything has not been perfect in spite of everything, this season. I am thinking in particular of the African Cup for which we have failed to keep our ranks, with our elimination before the hen phases.


Last season we put a special emphasis on the recruitment of the players and the staffing. In this way, he had a more important technical staff (Amani Yao, Lucien Kamara Kaur, Bakary Kone, Alexandre Minal and Kone “Baky”, the sports adviser). Similarly, the medical sector was reinforced with the arrival of an additional masseur.


As we announced in the press on July 5, Amani Yao Lambert César is now the new head coach of the club. Amani is a child of the ASEC Mimosas where he evolved as a player but also where he was trained in the coaching profession. He will be supported by a large staff and I have total confidence in him to build a strong and conquering team. For this and after many years of service, President Francis Ojo and I decided to give important responsibilities to another child of the house, KONE “Baky” who becomes the head of the professional Football Section. So, with Thierry, Gigi, appointed as the technical coordinator, they will form the trio to allow our professional team to take a new step by preserving its national title but also by reaching at least, for the season 2017-2018, the top 8 of the Champions League of Africa!


They have been working tirelessly for several weeks to have a staff of strong individualities who will be able to enroll in a well oiled collective. You will be able to ask questions to Baky earlier about recruiting.


Alongside the professional team, the training is one of the major axes of our sports policy and the return of Pascal THEAULT to the direction of the Académie Beni was also an important act this season. I would like to thank Julien CHEVALIER for the work he has done for 5 years and has paid off since we have been able to transfer a number of players to European clubs over the last few months. …


So, to those who wonder about the work done in our training centre, I tell them to be confident. The latest transfers from players in Europe show that our experience and know-how are very real.


In order to ensure a link between the professional team and the Beni Academy, we decided to create a reserve group consisting of players between 17 and 20 years from the Beni Academy or other clubs. This group will be under the responsibility of the head coach who will have as assistant coach Fabrice N ‘. This organization had already been set up in 2003 (with Pascal THEAULT and AMANI Yao) and had allowed to see the hatching of players like Ya Konan Didier, Soro Bakary, Kone Kouamatien, Cisse Abdul Karim, Alli no Dri Vincent, Adena Abdoul Khaled and many others who made the beautiful days of our club between 2003 and 2008.


The 2016-2017 season was that of the Renaissance. 2017-2018 will be that of confirmation and then consecration. We will relentlessly pursue the construction of our project and our determination is immense.


As such, I have spoken more highly of our partners but I would like to draw your attention to the ever greater attractiveness of our Association. Thus, 2017 will have been a year rich in new relationships with the signing of partnerships with the Chinese digital television operator STARTIMES but also with the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation. This last agreement allowed employees to train in Germany and soon, our women’s volleyball team and a team from the Beni Academy will be invited to international tournaments in the same country.


Few structures can boast of being approached each year by new national and international partners. This demonstrates our dynamism and I can tell you that other surprises will be announced soon in this area.
Keep dreaming every day bigger for our family; The task is immense but the potential of our Association is immeasurable!

Thank you for your ever-renewed confidence.

Long live the ASEC MIMOSAS.