Editorial :

A good truce

TRAORE Siaka says Gigi, the coach of the ASEC Mimosas, recognizes that for a while, the average results of his team are due to a lack of luck. The yellow and black training plays well. It shows itself offensive and creates many opportunities for goals at each game. Unfortunately, there is a breakdown in the inspiration and effectiveness of the mimosas in the ultimate gesture that is not always accurate. This has plunged, in recent weeks, the ASEC Mimosas, into a spiral of bad results that put it under a terrible pressure. Especially on the evening of his defeat (1-0), the past Saturday, facing the stadium of Abidjan, on the 24th day of Ligue 1. This defeat had allowed the shareholders to believe that their team had lost their destiny. This feeling of frustration had led some of them to adopt undignified behaviours of the true supporters of the ASEC Mimosas at the end of the meeting. But the next day, the defeat (0-1) of the WAC, the direct pursuit of the ASEC Mimosas, facing the Africa sports has put things in place and allowed the yellow and black team to remain leader with a point ahead of his dolphin. The victory of the eternal rival on the WAC thus cast out the doubt of the spirit of the shareholders and show that their team always has its destiny in hand.


The short truce that takes place in Ligue 1 will do good to the ASEC Mimosas. Indeed, the week is devoted to the last of the National Cup finals and the first day of the can 2019 playoffs. But it’s Monday, June 12th, from 3:00 p.m., at the Parc des Sports, that Thierry Santos says Gigi and his group will play their game of the final last against the FC San Pedro drivers. This will be an opportunity for them to repeat their ranges and especially for their coach to give time to play some elements that have not had enough. This will also allow some holders to blow a little to regain their best level in the last two league matches 1 against the WAC (25th day) and the ASI of Abengourou (26th day). Mimosas have this week to decompress and recover from their big nervous and physical fatigue. From next week, they will be able to mobilize all their resources and benefit from the return of selection of their international Burkina Koffi Kay Hervé and Bance Aristide to negotiate the turn of the final last of the national Cup and those of the last two league matches 1. On these three occasions, the massive and unconditional support of the shareholders will be of paramount importance in helping their team to gain access to the quarterfinals and win the Ligue 1. There are signs that do not deceive. This one week truce could be very beneficial for the ASEC Mimosas.


By Kone Ishmael, editor-in-chief of the magazine ASEC Mimosas