Editorial :

The importance of having a destiny in hand

At one point, the ASEC Mimosas team was well off to win the current Ligue 1. She showed through her game and her performances that she had the assets to fly over the competition. This behaviour pleased the shareholders who have been waiting for six long years to finally enjoy the joy of the winners of the title of Champion of Cote d’ivoire.


The difficulties and frustrations of the results that have arisen in recent weeks are beginning to dispel this hope, to sow doubt in the minds of the shareholders and to put the group of coach Theresa says Gigi under heavy pressure. The direct prosecutor, Williamsville Athletic Club, which was 5 lengths behind the ASEC Mimosas, has only one unit of delay. In addition, the Ace Tanda, the defending champion (3rd, 37 points) and the Africa Sports of Abidjan (4th; 33 points) are back in force. The ASEC Mimosas no longer has the right to error as indicated by his coach after the white loser of last Sunday against the SOA, on the 23rd day of Ligue 1. All this can cause the serenity to be lost to any team in this situation.


Yet, with some hindsight and looking well at the course of the competition, we can say that this judgement is hasty and unjustified. It is hasty because there are still three matches to be played in which the ASEC Mimosas will inevitably have a say in it. It is unreasonable because despite the results in saw teeth, the mimosas are still at the top of the league ranking 1.


The new difficulties that appear should, on the contrary, lead our players to sublimate. This should also push the shareholders to unite behind their team to help him win his 3 final meetings in front of the Abidjan Stadium, this Sunday, the WAC, next week and the ASI of Abengourou, on the 26th and final day.


It’s time for our players to show that they have the stuff of great champions, that they are true fighters, warriors of the steel mind capable of pushing their limits to conquer the title of Ivory Coast champion who fled the ASEC Mimosas for 6 seasons. If Captain Koutouan Adam and his teammates succeed in regaining the upper hand when their chances dwindle to achieve the goal hoped for by all the shareholders, the final victory will be only softer, more beautiful and more radiant.


Everything is still possible if all the components of the ASEC Mimosas believe and come together to carry out the battles of the last three days. The most interesting thing about the current situation is that the final victory will depend only on the ability of our team to manage and win its next three meetings. For this reason, one can say that the ASEC Mimosas always has its destiny in hand and this is the most important.


by KONE Ismaël. Editorial from AM 1328 Thursday, June 1, 2017