23rd Day of Ligue 1/ASEC mimosas – SOA: 0-0 :

The ASEC Mimosas, idle

Overbearing the whole of the meeting, the ASEC Mimosas did not find the necessary resources to beat the SOA that forced it to the zero (0 – 0), this evening at the Stade Robert Champroux, on the 23rd day of Ligue 1.


The beginning of meeting presents two teams well in place. The match is already tight with a willingness to move forward on both sides. The SOA displays a real opposition with tight lines and a direct play forward. The mimosas pressure is good but still lacks sharpness to déstabiliser.la defense of the military. The first period is pleasant but is the result of the blank score.


The ASEC Mimosas returns in the part with a change of man and tactics. Midfielder aka Serge replaced the central defender Karyani Souleymane. The match wins in intensity and the ASEC Mimosas is the seat of the military camp. From the 47th mn, the Mimos get a full-axis free-kick, 20 meters. The mighty striking of Aristide Bance is repelled for the first time by the goalkeeper. The ball takes advantage of aka Serge whose head blow lacking power to deceive IRA tape, the goalkeeper of the SOA. The mimosas pressure is stronger with successive goal actions. The SOA tries to get out of its retrenchment by counterattacks. At the 51st minute, she bought a great opportunity in the feet of Konan Boris, who happily lost his duel with Koffi Hervé, the goalkeeper Mimosas. The ASEC mimosas accentuates its pressure. The SOA suffers defensively. At the 73rd Mn, Fabuis is mowed in the surface, but the referee does not grant the penalty. A minute later, the same Dre Fabius catches up with a bullet that he straightens for Poe Jean Morel who fails to frame his foot plate to score. At the 82nd MN and after a nice ascent of Ball Ouattara Pradeep is close to open the score, but his strike is countered at the last moment by a defender. In the additional time and on one last opportunity, the heavy bench strike is pushed back by the goalkeeper. The ball echoed to Fabuis, who lacks lucidity to beat the goalkeeper of the SOA already on the ground. The ASEC Mimosas therefore fails to score and therefore concedes the null (0 – 0) to the SOA. A bad operation for the yellow and black that take only one point that separates them from the WAC.


The game of the 24th day, against the stadium of Abidjan, the next weekend is crucial for the ASEC Mimosas which always has its destiny in its hands.