22nd Day of Ligue 1/ASEC Mimosas – Africa Sports: 2 – 1 :

Important Victory Mimosas

The team of the ASEC Mimosas managed very well the derby of the 22nd day of Ligue 1, by carrying it (2 – 1), on its rival, the Africa Sports, tonight, at the stage of the peace of Bouaké. A precious victory that keeps the yellow and black in pole position in the title race, 4 days from the end.

The game starts in a good atmosphere of the peace stadium with an ultra offensive team of the ASEC Mimosas in a tactical position in 3 – 4 – 3. Mimos are already showing their intention from the 11th day. On a kick-free perfectly played by Poe Jean Morel, Karyani Souleymane, mounted at the outposts, jumps higher than all to take back the ball of the head and beat za wheat Hortalin, the goalkeeper of the Africa Sports (1 – 0; 11th mn). The yellow and black make a nice entry in the game unlike their opponents who have trouble making their way forward. The pressing mimosas remains high and the Africa sports proceeds by counterattacks. On one of them, she gets a penalty, at the 29th MN, following a foul by Koffi Hervé on the striker. Koffi Hervé repairs his fault by stopping the execution of Kwame Nasser. The game is truly alive and the Africa sports is getting more and more out of its retrenchment without however being able to return to the brand before the end of the first 45 minutes.

Both teams start the second period with a change in their rank. Dhaliwal Ibrahim replaced Kore Armand on the yellow and black side and Kwame Adjei left his place at Golly liked in the green and red. The match is much more balanced and the goal opportunities are more visible. At the 64th Mn, after a magnificent “one-two” with Aristide Bance, Ta bi Willy Braciano unchecks a powerful strike that is unfortunately not framed. Then another, in the next minute, pushed back by the goalie. The game comes alive under the public’s push. At the 76th MN, on a lightning counterattack, Aristide Banc is well staggered on the left flank. The attacker Mimosas serves a magnificent pass to his compatriot and teammate Ouattara, who erases the goalkeeper before scoring in the empty goal to double the favour of the ASEC Mimosas (2 – 0; 76th mn). The ASEC Mimosas takes its distance, but not for long. Since at the 82nd MN, the Africa sports manages to reduce the score by Golly Aimé who deceives Koffi Hervé of a beautiful Strike (2 – 1; 82nd Mn). Africa Sports believes in its chances to return to the score. In the additional time, bi ya Thomas gives frights to the ASEC Mimosas in a duel with Koffi Hervé who manages to put the ball in the corner. Africa is very menacing at this end of the game, but fails to return to the score by the fault especially of a great Koffi Hervé who enrailes all the attempts Oyés.

The ASEC Mimosas therefore imposes itself and keeps the distance of three points on the WAC, its direct pursuit. It will now be necessary to face the SOA, the next weekend, on the 23rd day of Ligue 1.