21e journée de Ligue 1/ ASEC – AFAD : 3 – 3 :

ASEC Mimosas, forced into the match tie

Conducted in the score (0-2) before the 20th minute of the game, ASEC Mimosas has tapped into its resources to catch first, before taking the advantage and be joined, at the end of part by AFAD who forced sharing of points (3-3). It was tonight, at the Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium, on the 21st day of League 1.

ASEC Mimosas made a disastrous start. At the 3rd minute, cash it opening the scoring takes place on a free kick from 25 meters. The powerful strike of YAO Kevin Romaric finds the left post back from KOFFI Kouakou Hervé, the goalkeeper of ASEC Mimosas which is beaten (0-1, 3 min).  Forced to react, Mimos launched the attack. At the 16th minute, on a free kick played by POE Jean Morel, Aristide BANCE resume the head ball that passes right next to the post.  In the wake of this action, the AFAD will score his 2nd goal. It is the work of Paul Taylor, who, at the conclusion of an action expertly played by his team, wrong once more KOFFI Kouakou Hervé (0-2, 17th min). For the first time this season, ASEC Mimosas is conducted on the score of 2 goals to 0. The game then gains in intensity. The AFAD is now in a position to counterattack and attempts to hurt even more. The yellow and black have more choice but to attack. They go by lightning attacks.  On one of these attacks, in the 34th minute, they get the reduction of the score. YOUR BI Willy Braciano takes advantage of a poor clearance from defence of AFAD to place a sharp and beat the goalie do DRIN Ulrich (1-2; 34 minutes). The mimosas revolt is then start-up. At the 36th minute, the TA BI Willy Braciano scorer missed an ideal opportunity to make double on a perfect removal of POE Jean Morel. So we’ll at the break with a goal of late for ASEC Mimosas.

At the back of the locker room, the Mimos do not put enough time to redo this delay.  With a high dry cleaners to start of second period, he give parity to the score in the 48th minute, 3 minutes after the start of the second period, as did the AFAD, in the first period. Aristide BANCE makes a nice pierced in the defense Afadiste and shifts ANGBANDJI well, Alex, on the right. The withdrawal of the latter is your Willy Braciano BI, at the entrance of the penalty area that puts an unstoppable strike to equalize and sign his double in the game (2-2, 48 min). ASEC is in parity and continues to walk on his opponent. Yet it is the AFAD past the first next to a third goal in the 51st minute, on a free kick full axis, at the entrance to the mimosas penalty area. KOFFI Kouakou Hervé is saved by his left post on the minting of ‘n’ GOH Brou Manasseh. The game is a little more racing with many opportunities to make the break for both teams. At the 83rd minute, POE Jean Morel tries a beautiful curled shot that seeks the beautiful tap ‘n’ DRIN Ulrich to inbound the ball for a corner. Mimos are very threatening and are rewarded for their effort with a penalty kick, following a foul committed in the penalty area, on Issouf OUATTARA, well served by TA BI Willy Braciano. The penalty is transformed by Aristide BANCE which takes the goalkeeper to wrong-foot (3-2, 88th min). ASEC Mimosas takes the advantage two minutes from the end of regulation time and is all about to take off on two new opportunities. First, in the 90th minute, on a powerful hit of Aristide BANCE which is returned by the left post of goalkeeper. And then in regulation time and after having managed a ‘bridge’ on a defender, Aristide BANCE’s shot in the penalty area. But the arbitrator close my eyes and reported no fault (90’+ 3).  While we are moving at the end of the party, in the last minute of stoppage time, the AFAD leads an offensive on which players of ASEC Mimosas are virtually stopped, expecting at the whistle of the referee to allow a teammate lying on the ground, to receive the doctors. The referee is allowed to continue the game and the AFAD took the opportunity to equalize by no GOH Brou Manasseh, which takes up the Center back to a teammate (3-3, 90’+ 4). The AFAD equalizes so and rip the game draw at ASEC Mimosas. ASEC Mimosas takes a point and sees the WAC back to 3 points, 5 days of the end of the Championship and just before the big derby, 22nd day, against Africa Sports, scheduled, on Saturday, May 20, at the stage of the peace of Bouaké.