Quarts de finale de la Coupe de la Ligue/ ASEC Mimosas – Stade d’Abidjan : 1 – 2 :

The ASEC is leaving the League Cup

ASEC Mimosas don't happen any more than the quarter-finals of the League Cup. Mimos were eliminated by Stade who swept him away (1-2), tonight at the stadium Robert Champroux, following a match to forget to focus on the Ligue 1 Championship.   


The start of match is very shy to ASEC Mimosas inherently blended team. Only four players, at the start of this match, had participated in the last meeting of the team, against the FC San Pedro. Virtually on the first opportunity of the match in the 13th minute and well served by a teammate, OKAN Agoussi crosses a shot that wrong MANDJUI Boris, for the opening of the score (0-1, 13th min). The mimosas reaction takes time to be seen, but occurs in the nice way, in the 25th minute. On a placed attack, DIARRASSOUBA Daouda allows Issouf OUATTARA to restore parity in the score (1-1, 25 min). Mimos wake up and put a little pressure on the Rennes defense now. The 40th minutes, the right side OUATTARA Zié tries a shot from 20 metres that is returned by the left post of GBANE Mohamed, the Rennes goalkeeper. ASEC Mimosas finished strong the first without to hang the advantage in the score.


The start of the second half is almost similar to that of the first. A little rougher, the game has been slow to find a good rhythm, and lack of concentration in the culmination of the phases of the game, on both sides. ASEC Mimosas has possession of the ball, but truly lack of cutting edge. Rather, the Abidjan stadium which, until then, ends up in a defensive position will resume the advantage on one of its rare attacks of this second period, in the 68th minute. Defence Mimosas dithers on a hot ball and allows Alou DIARRA to score (1-2; 68th min). ASEC Mimosas then proceeds to a double change with TA BI Willy Braciano and KONE Moyabi, entries in places and places of DIABY Amara and LASME Guy. The mimosas pressure is stronger with a much more committed game. The Abidjan Stadium undergoes the game but is resistant to attacks. Nevertheless these are the blue and Red who spend close to a third goal, on a heavy hit of Daouda SYLLA who will happily hit the bar Cross (88th min). In the minutes that follow, ASEC Mimosas also misses equalization. YOUR BI Braciano overflows on the right side of the attack and sent a nice Center in the small opposing penalty area. Unfortunately the mimos attacks are a bit short to take it back (in extra time).

 ASEC Mimosas tilts so on the score of 2 goals 1, synonymous with elimination from the competition. Mimos should quickly get back on their feet before welcoming the AFAD, this Sunday, May 14, at 6 pm, on behalf of the 21st day of League 1.