Éditorial  :


With the month of may, things are accelerating in Ligue 1. The program looks particularly loaded with 4 days ahead on the 7 remaining which one Derby ASEC-Africa of the 22nd day being held exceptionally in the stadium of peace of Bouake, on Saturday, May 20. We can already imagine that the Center North shareholders are preparing to receive their team in the capital of the Gbeke.


In the meantime to get there, we have already the opposition of the next day which might have seemed lopsided early season since it will put struggling ASEC Mimosas, the current leader of Ligue 1, with the FC San Pedro, one of the teams promoted this season and who occupies the 10th place in the standings.


The film of the match go against this team, on Wednesday 28 December, as part of the 7th day, invites us to the measure. Since that day, with the stadium Auguste Denise of San Pedro, ASEC Mimosas had difficulties to get rid of the FC San Pedro. In the end, the Mimosas had prevailed on by 1 goal to 0. To avoid disappointment, Mimosas will need the same ingredients as those who allowed them to beat the SC Gagnoa, last Thursday. They also will have to be more realistic than they have been, last Sunday, in the face of the Tanda. If these conditions are met, you can expect to see ASEC Mimosas follow up his victory at the top of the standings of Ligue 1.


At the start of the final straight, he comes to mind this Tfsa Saint-Joseph GADJI song which, speaking to shareholders, invites them to the rally. The "7 finals' team of ASEC Mimosas will have to play in this decisive phase of Ligue 1, our players need more than ever to feel the fervor and the support of their fans. If this sacred union is at the rendezvous, we may find, on the evening of the 26th and final day, this stretch has been a triumphant journey for the new champion called ASEC Mimosas.


Officials, players and supporters of the club know what they have to do: gather to succeed this final stretch.



By Ismael KONE, editor-in-Chief of ASEC Mimosas Editoria
l Magazine N ° 1324