Séwé Sport (10) winner, tonight, at the Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium, during the shockat the top of the 17th day of League 1, ASEC Mimosas will have made a giant steptowards the title of champion of the 2017 season.

In this game, considered one of the great turning points of Ligue 1, ASEC Mimosas did not take time to put themselves in the best conditions. In the 4th minute and virtually his entirefirst offensive, the Mimos opened the scoring. Mpumbu KATALAY intercepts a ball and serves as Aristide BANCE in the deep. The offset is then done to ANGBANDJI Alex on the right side of the attack. The withdrawal of the latter is received on the other side by POEJean Morel who, in turn, sends a Center in the small rectangle of the penalty area. Initially,but also to the conclusion, Mpumbu KATALAY popped up to beat the goalkeeper of Séwé Sport. He takes the ball to score (10). ASEC Mimosas is a beautiful start to the match. We will then attend a meeting very balanced with many offensive actions. Séwé Sport grows tocatch, but constantly stumbles on the beautiful organization defensive mimosas. In thefinal moments of the first part and so far little solicited, KOFFI KouakouHervé will saveASEC Mimosas, twice. First, on a nice tap to push the resumption of the head of ANOUMOU Franck (44′) and then another head of KODJO Cedric (45′). But it’s the ASECMimosas, which was the last opportunity of purpose of this first period. On a placed attack,Aristide BANCE is well served at the entrance of the penaltyarea. He got rid of hiscounterpart and sends a shot framed, on which the goalkeeper KOUADIO Serginho unfoldswell to change the trajectory of the ball. We reachedthe recreation score 1 goal 0 to the advantage of the yellow and black.

Resumption, the game is a little more racing. We will give blow for blow. The ball is from acamp to another, without respite. KOFFI Hervé is determinative, in the 49th minute, on apowerful shot to KODJO Cédric mi-volee. The goalkeeper comes out a great parade todivert the ball in the framework of the goals. At the 60th minute, ASEC Mimosas is all aboutthe 2nd goal on a counterattack. Aristide BANCE seeps into the surface opposing repair, but lack of lucidity during his strike that largely goes over the crossbar. Although thatsomewhat dominated, ASEC Mimosas manages well the second period, but she gets coldsweats, in extra time, on a heavy strike from 30metres of YEOULE Alexander. Fortunately,KOFFI Kouakou Hervé is vigilant and on the path. ASEC Mimosas WINS (10). A very valuable victory which allows to relegate Séwé Sport at 7 points and to be in good spirits before making the trip to Gabon, in the course of the week, where she will face the Mounana CF, on behalf of the game go the second 16es final of the Confederation Cup.