Against Shadrach FC, Saturday morning, at the Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium, ASEC Mimosas proved prolific, with (2-6), at the meeting of the 7th day of League youth U20.

In the absence of his top scorer TAPSOBA Abdoul, ASEC Mimosas made a difficult start, but gets the first chance to goal in the 12th minute. YOHORE Christ overflows on the right side and managed to recover the ball for the head of VOLI BI Abdoul (repositioned in the axis of the attack) which is unfortunately pushed back on the goal line by a defender of Shadrach cf. The game is fun, but lack of real action of goal until the 24th minute. Shadrach CF Gets an opportunity to aim at the feet of striker Willy Franck, but the attempt to lob goes far above the goals. The revival of BAMBA Aboubakar, the goalkeeper of ASEC Mimosas for ADIRAN N‘ Goran, midfield is very fast.

The latter puts the ball in the race of YOHORE Christ. The mimosas striker takes hisopponent speed, but is shot in the penalty area. It’s the undisputed penalty. DIARRASSOUBA Salifou is responsible for execution and takes against the goalkeeper to open the scoring (01, 25 min). ASEC Mimosas dominates his opponent and returned to the charge in the 39th minute. YOHORE Christ is the conclusion of an action of LASME Guy Aimé. The goal is unfortunately disallowed for a questionable offside position. Mimos resume their March forward and get a new opportunity before the endof the first part. YOHORE Christ, elusive, still started his race by ADIRAN N’Goran. Itcomes in the face of the goalkeeper and opens his flat left foot well to score the second goal of ASEC Mimosas (02, 42nd min). We find the locker room on this score 2goals to 0, to the advantage of ASEC Mimosas.

From the start of the second period, the yellow and black make up laundry in the opposing camp. Only three minutes later, YOHORE Christ stood out to right. It overflows and puts the ball on the sidelines for VOLI BI Abdoul which marks. Here again, the arbitrator signals a game outside. Practically in the minute following the Mimos represent themselves in the penalty area. The ball is put in the back of the defense in the feet of LASME Guy who does a check of the left and instantly resumes the right to beat the hapless goalkeeper of Shadrach FC (0-3, 50 min). The match is one-way and Mimos are given some to heart joy. At the 59th minute, VOLI BI Abdoul leaves inthe back of the defence to challenge and fight, once again, Alexandre Abdoul, the goalkeeper of Shadrach FC (04, 59th min).

Insatiable, Mimos are always present in the opposing camp. At the 64th minute, OUATTARA Zié overflows and sends a beautiful Center for the unstoppable head of VOLI BI which marks the 5th goal of his team and signed personal double (05, 64th min). 5 goals to 0, Mimos release and allow Shadrach CF to reduce the score of 2 goals. First, in the 72nd minute by KONAN Serge, on a free kick and YOBOU Pharel, in the 79th minute, following a corner, on which defence mimosas totally lack of vigilance (25). The yellow and black are then called to order by coach KOUADJO Koffi Felix who also make a change. Karim KONATE replaces YOHORE Christ. Coaching winning since the new entrant will come to ‘kill’ the ardor of Shadrach FC by entering the 6th goal in the 90th minute. ASEC Mimosas remains undefeated in pool A, with 6 wins andone draw.