After a series of 4 wins in as many match, ASEC Mimosas conceded his first gamedraw (22), facing the USC Bassam, on the morning of Saturday, on the 5th day ofLeague U20 youth, at the Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium. A resulting without greatconsequence because the Mimos still keep the head of the pool standings has.

Faced with opposition muscle even very rough, ASEC Mimosas start well the first part of the game. After a few attempts without success, she manages to open the scoring in the 22nd minute, following a beautiful action part of his defense. LASME Guy is shifted on the left flank of the attack. It overflows and sends a Center at the far post who love everyone, but falls before OLLO Ivan who open his right foot plate to beat the goalkeeper of the USC Bassam (0-1).The Bassamois are dominated and will cash a second goal 6 minutes later. Still on attack placed, duplication is done on the left side between LASME Guy and FAITTEY Fils Junior whose type is badly repelled by GUEBO Henock, the goalkeeper ofthe Islanders. Surfaces, TAPSOBA Abdul Fox emerges to take it back and score the second goal for his team (0-2). ASEC Mimosas will get the opportunity of the 3rdgoal in the 41st minute, but the attempt to OLLO Ivan goes to a few centimeters tothe right post of the USC Bassam. The break comes on the net advantage (02) ASEC Mimosas.

At the back of the locker room, the game falls into a false pace. The Bassamois are however much more determination with a first action, at the 51st minute. An attempt to Lob, ADAMA Jean, will force the mimosas, BAMBA Aboubakar goalkeeper, to tap to avert the danger. The warning is not even identified by Mimos. The island thus dependant, in the 60th minute. On a counterattack caused by a loss of ball mimosas, ASSOUAN Dominique collapses in the penalty area on the load of a defender mimosas. The penalty is transformed by ADAMA Jean that reduces the score (1 2). This goal so wake up the yellow and black going out to attack. At the 70th minute, by DIARRASSOUBA Salifou, then in the 75th minute, by TAPSOBA Abdoul, the Mimosas Miss NET opportunities to spice up the addition. It is instead, the USC Bassam in defensive positions until then, who is going to enjoy a disagreement in defence mimosas to procure a second penalty. This very questionable penalty is again transformed by ADAMA Jean, although BAMBA Abubakar is on the ball (22, 77th min). The USC Bassam equates to a few minutes from the end and simply to lock his defensive sector. Despite a last opportunity to talent Abdoul, the score remains there. ASEC Mimosas sharing points with the USC Bassam, but remains leader of the hen has, before the 6th day, scheduled next weekend.