1st 16es final go to the Confederation Cup / ASEC - APEJES: 2-0 :

the beautiful mimosas operation

By winning at home (20) to the APEJES Academy of Cameroon, this afternoon at the Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium, during the game go to the 1st 16es final of the Confederation Cup, ASEC Mimosas took a good option on qualifying for the next round of the competition.


“Win by at least two clear goals without cash”, had wished Siaka TRAORE, the headcoach of ASEC Mimosas. Without frameworks such as the NOUGBELE midfielder Christian players, the left side do GOUAN Ruffin or attacking OUATTARA Issouf, ASECMimosas starts the game is running in to attack. The laundry is high and unabated.At the 13th minute, Cameroonians are pushed to the fault. LEBONGO Pascal Defender handled the ball in the penalty area. What chance the penalty for ASEC Mimosas. Striker Aristide BANCE grabbed the ball and turns the kick off to open the scoringfor ASEC Mimosas (10, 15 min). The APEJES is completely dominated and does virtually no opportunities. She gets his first corner only in the 24th minute. Despite amultitude of opportunities, Aristide BANCE, Alex ANGBANDJI, or even DEPODE Jacob won’t find success to score a second goal before the break.


ASEC Mimosas begins well part 2. At the 47th minute, Aristide BANCE defends speed the APEJES on a pass from DEPODE Jacob. After a head control, it sends a pure strike that lob the goalkeeper, but is returned by the crossbar. ASEC Mimosas still dominates, but the final act remains to be desired as about this action in the 69th minute. Remarkably, Aristide BANCE Sert in the penalty area, DOSSO Fabius (entered a few minutes earlier instead of POGNONGO Yannick). When hit, the attacker mimosas is countered by a defensive back. By dint of insisting, ASEC Mimosas wins its case. At the 70th minute on a corner kick executed by ANGBJAN Alex, the ball is badlytaken from the head by Aristide BANCE but benefit DOSSO Fabius, who does not pray to score the second of his team (20, 70th min). ASEC Mimosas takes a good advantage and reinforces his defensive sector with the entrance of TA BI Braciano in place and place of DEPODE Jacob visibly diminished physically. Cameroonians rush attack to score a goal but at the same time to be discovered. ASEC Mimosas is all about the (3 goals to 0), twice in the last moments of the meeting, but neither DOSSO Fabius and same Aristide BANCE are necessary to mark lucidity. We left at 2 goals to 0. A good result that Mimos will go to defend on Sunday, March 19, in Cameroon, to definitely qualify for the second 16es finals.