4th day of Youth League U20/ASEC Mimosas - EFYM: 4-1 :

Students did not weight

And four for ASEC Mimosas, who despite a long resistance of the EFYM won (41), in the morning on Sunday, at the Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium, on the 4th day of League youth U20. A victory which, although it has been slow to take shape, will bewell deserved, so the mimosas domination was total.


Mimos are very well entered the game with the opening of the scoring in the 3rd minute by the TAPSOBA Abdoul opportunist who enjoys of a poor clearance from theopposing goalkeeper, on a center of FOFANA Alhassane to push the ball into the nets (1-0). As facing the AS Athletic of Adjamé, on the 2nd day, the ASEC l’ ASEC Mimosas Mimosas scored early and falls a bit in the facility. It lacks a bit of concentration, accuracy and success in finishing of the shares. A guilty relaxation that will affordexpensive, in the 32nd minute, after yet a Masterful kick of VOLI BI Abdoul returned by the crossbar (30 mn). On this trivial action of schoolchildren in the EFYM, centre forward Kaleb DIOMANDE do twice to give parity to score (1-1). This equalizer has the merit to wake up the yellow and black that force the opponent to the fault. At the 33rd min, Abdoul AYOUBA the EFYM is excluded after having received a second yellow card. But 7 minutes later, the right side of the ASEC Mimosas OUATTARA isin turn sent back in the stands for the same reasons. 10 against 10, neither of the two teams is able to make a difference before the break.


In the second half, ASEC Mimosas makes men and tactical changes. The central defender KOSSONOU Odilon yields his place in midfield SERY Gnoleba. ASEC Mimosas is a master of the second game against the EFYM completely folded in his own half.Successively, in the 40th minute and then in the 51st minute, on centres of FOFANA Alhassane and DIARRASSOUBA Salifou, TAPSOBA Abdoul, whitebox point penalty,but misguided, missing each time its controls. At the 60th minute, same TAPSOBA Abdoul plays with his counterpart before sending a superb strike that will shave the right post of the goalkeeper of the EFYM. Students remain suspended until the 76thminute. Following a beautiful phase of play, DIARRASSOUBA Salifou sends a nice Center at the far post to head stung OLLO Ivan. The goalkeeper is beaten and TAPSOBA Abdul comes again to push the ball in the net and its double (21). Schoolchildren are out of breath at the end of part and still concede another goal in the 80thminute. A corner played by DIARRASSOUBA Salifou, the ball manages to LASME Guy Aimé (entered during the game), on the other side. The latter puts the ball in thepackage for the head of Kay Frank, who scored the third goal for ASEC Mimosas (31). ASEC Mimosas dominates outrageously and going scoring a 4th goal in stoppage time, LASME Guy Aimé work, the all new promoted to the first team, which sincethe median line leads a lonely ride to once again beat the hapless goalkeeper of the EFYM (41). ASEC Mimosas so aligns a 4th victory away in as many game and reinforces its position as undisputed leader of pool A.