ASEC Mimosas confirmed her beautiful performance of the 1st day coming out of the AS Athletic of Adjamé (31), this Sunday morning at the Robert CHAMPROUX Stadium, on the 2nd day of the U20 Youth League.

The game starts in the best way for the Mimos which opened the scoring in the 1stminute of play. The attacker LOUE Bayere intercepts a ball after the central point round and begins a sprint to beat the goalie AS Athletic (10) with a powerful shot. ASEC Mimosas took advantage and decided to set up his game. The already embarrassed AS Atletic nevertheless attempt a reaction. At the 4th minute, the minting of hismidfielder Idrissa TCHOUMOU, at the entrance to the penalty area, is countered bya defender mimosas. ASEC Mimosas resumes the game on his own. In quick succession, in the 6th minute and then in the 13th minute, LASME Guy Aimée and BAMBAMohamed Miss doubling the brand for their team. Against the run of the game in the 16th minute AS Athletic Gets a generous free kick on which it restores parity to the score by his centre forward Vamory TIDJANY (110; 16 minutes). Calmly and serenely, Mimos will try once again to get the opponent in his camp. RENT Bayere, firstgoalscorer, victim of an assault is forced to give up his seat to KONE Lake (20th min). Mimos insist on their attacks and still miss an opportunity by TAPSOBA Abdoul, who sees his shot shaved the left post opposing (42nd min). The Adjamois hold upwell and oblige the Mimos to go to the break with the score of parity (11).
The beginning of the second half is a little unbridled. AS Athletic takes confidence and starts a few times in attack. It’s bad know mimosas start-ups who decide to put speed in the game with transverse passes sometimes beyond belief of the referees who indicated imaginary offside. When you suffer, AS Athletic end up bend, in the 75th minute. Midfielder Mohamed BAMBA found in the axis of the purpose the attacker TAPSOBA Abdoul that stands to trigger a strike wonder who deceives the goalkeeper of the Athletic AS (21, 75th min). Therefore, it is a color on the ground. Mimosconfiscating the ball and constantly arise in the opposing penalty area. At the 82ndminute, OLLO Ivan packs the entire defense and place a sharp who shaved the left post of the Adjamois. In the last moments of the match and on one of the last offensives of mimosas, OLLO Ivan strikes is countered by an adjamoise hand in the penalty area. The indisputable penalty is remarkably transformed by DIARRASSOUBA Salifoucoming into game a few minutes earlier, instead of KATHY Lake. ASEC Mimosas logically prevails (31). A new victory that confirms the good performance of the first Academy in the U20 Youth League.