The resumption of the Ligue 1 after the truce, due to the 2017 CAN went not well for ASEC Mimosas. The yellow and black are inclined (01) in front of the military of the SOA, this afternoon, on the 10th day. A surprising and deplorable defeat which will yet have no impact on the ranking of the ASEC Mimosas, which remains the 2nd place.

Mimos is a difficult entry into the party against a very determined and already positioned SOA in his own half. Ball possession is mimosas, even though the actions of goals are still rare. Logically, ASEC Mimosas offers the first opportunities of goals. First in the 21st minute, on a service of Aristide BANCE, central defender GLOUDOUEUAngel mounted on the front lines resumes of the outside of the foot the ball that is going to hit the crossbar. Six minutes later and served at the entrance to the penalty area, back to goal, Aristide BANCE rotates on itself and let fly a powerful shot that shaved the left post of goalkeeper of SOA. Again in the 32nd minute, Mimos arise inthe military camp on an overflow of Issouf OUATTARA. MPUMBU Badra emerged inthe axis of the goal, but fails to fit his shot to score. The actions of goal are unique but unsuccessful one-way. For his part and a lot more shy offensively, SOA is won bysuccess. At the 45th minute, on a harmless free-kick, MABEA Aristide sends u Centerwhich is inexorably taken from the head by LOBA ake says, who opened the scoringagainst the run of play and just before the whistle for halftime (01, 45th min).
Mimos come back from the break with better resolutions. BROWN Alloy, a little inspired is replaced by Don Trump. The mimosas game wins in intensity and vivacity. Thanks to its advantage, the military are resolutely huddled in their camp and proceed by counter-attacks to get out. ASEC Mimosas yet gets on net occasions like DOSSOFabius, in the 56th minute. Launched in the back of the defense, the mimosas winger unfortunately loses her duel with Pat Ira, the goalkeeper of the SOA. ASEC Mimosas dominates outrageously, but still can’t find the clarity necessary to score. The 70thminutes, finally believed to a goal on an inspiration of Aristide BANCE mimosas, butthe ball is cleared on the goal line by a defensive back from MABEA Aristide. ASECMimosas grows and gets a final chance in injury time. But, then again, the strike ofDOSSO Fabius was the framework of the goals held by IRA Tape, the military guard. ASEC Mimosas so tilts on the smaller brand and miss an opportunity to regain the lead in the standings. But she still keeps the 2nd place in the standings before receiving the stadium of Abidjan, on Sunday, February 26, at 12th and next day the League 1.