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Business resume in League 1 from next weekend. ASEC Mimosas will meet the SOAMonday, February 20, with the ambition of disarm nothing less! military footballers. This is a new League which begins. It is, in fact, a mini-League of only four days, at the end of which the winner of the stage to go will be known.


ASEC Mimosas intends to confirm its ambitions by winning its next four games. Finishing top of the first part of the Championship will be a just reward for all the efforts made since the month of September. Like the beginning of the season, shareholders hoped a recovery with a bang. Their team has all the signs of a group full of confidence after a rich stay with the Mogho Naba. The lights are all green, and it is hoped a convincing victory against the SOA.


In this endeavour, Mimos will be able to count on the return of their African of the CAN. Probably because they want to stay on the positive dynamic that led them to third place in the last CAN.


The ASEC Mimosas 2017 has arguments to make. It is made of technical talent associated with a good physical presence and undeniable experience. Qualities that provide shareholder optimism as bright as a bouquet of flowers Mimosa!


It is certain that the President Messou men will be many in the stands of the Champroux Stadium next Monday. Despite a somewhat unusual programming, 3.30 pm during the week, the shareholders will not fail the first release of their team after afiveweek truce imposed by the NPC. You can expect to find them with a fervor intact and active presence alongside their players.


Watching the game of League champions of UEFA between PSG and FC Barcelona, last Wednesday, the players of Coach Gigi will certainly recognized characteristics that shareholders want them to adopt. The winners of this match showed passing narrowly technical, tactical, commitment, teamwork, determination, discipline and efficiency. Clearly, they wanted more than their Catalan opponents. These ingredients have contributed to the building of an indisputable victory.


For players Mimos, these are the keys to recovery in fanfare desired by the shareholders. It‘s not rocket science. You must learn from the greatest sporting achievements to get in the way of success.


In this area, it should be a word of the good performance of the young shoots of ASEC Mimosas, offered to shareholders during the launch of the Youth League. We saw beautiful things. Here too, we can talk about beginning with a bang since the firstAcademytrained players made last Sunday the best copy of youth teams met for the two games of gala. It’s encouraging for the rest of the season and for the next generation to ensure Sol Beni.


Back to Ligue 1 and the shareholders. They are sometimes considered difficult, too accustomed to the success of their club to be able to appreciate all the efforts that are made by the players, leaders and supervisors. The truth is, it isn’t. ASEC Mimosas is the home of Excellence, the field of constantly renewed performance for shareholders. Is not to be ungrateful to think that way, it‘s just be demanding. This is the reason why shareholders expect a recovery in marching band.


To understand the way of thinking of the shareholders, it must refer to a British statesman. Sir Winston Churchill once said: “I‘m not picky, I am satisfied that for the best.” It is certain that shareholders will easily recognize in this profession of faith. Ourplayers must also be converted.


By Léonce YACÉ, President-delegate of the ASEC Mimosas

Excerpt from the Mimosas Magazine N ° 1313 of February 16th, 2017