INTERVIEW CONGO Ibrahim (member of the Board of Directors of ASEC Mimosas) :

“The course of Ouaga, an experience to repeat.”

Linchpin of the course of ASEC Mimosas in Ouagadougou, CONGO Ibrahim, Member of the Board of Directors of ASEC Mimosas, revisits the mimosas stay in Burkina Faso.


Hello, Mr. CONGO, please you present to the shareholders?

I am El hadj Ibrahim CONGO, representing the KAPPA brand in the subregion andmember of the Board of Directors. I am also OEM yellow and black Club and the stallions of Burkina Faso.


The stay of ASEC Mimosas in Ouaga has not gone unnoticed. As chief organizer of this stay, what are your impressions and observations of Burkinabé sports opinion?

My impressions are very positive. All of the Burkinabé sports opinion enjoyed the stay of ASEC Mimosas in Ouaga. It is an open secret to say that ASEC Mimosas enjoysunquestionable popularity in Burkina Faso. Relations between some credible clubs of our country as the EFO (Star Filante of Ouagadougou) and the ASFB (the Association sport of officials of Bobo Dioulasso) and ASEC Mimosas are exemplary and verynarrow.


What are the conditions in which you organized this internship? Have you receivedparticular support for the team of ASEC Mimosas for 10 days at the COMET in Ouaga?


The course was held in excellent conditions. ASEC Mimosas received the frameworkof standards for this internship. The Cook of the national team of Burkina faso was requisitioned for the occasion. Him COMET offer all the amenities for a good preparation. The relationships we have with the Burkina Faso authorities played a lot.


What is your assessment of sports stock (2 wins and 1nul) of this internship?


The sporting situation is satisfactory. During the course of this kind, coaches make aturnover. We could see all the players in real-life situations facing two Burkinabe representatives in the African Cup to the Club level and the star Filante, who remains avery good team.


What are the leaders of the EFO and the RCK AS SONABEL of ASEC Mimosas?


Not surprisingly, the leaders of these three clubs are satisfied. Play against ASEC Mimosas in the friendly was an ambition dreamt before the African competitions. Theyare ready to renew the experience. It should be noted that the President of the RCKoffered a meal to the delegation of ASEC Mimosas, and the EFO to present the team executives. The leaders of the ASSonabel moved to the COMET make pleasantries to the delegation. These are strong acts that attest that the three clubs liked the passage of ASEC Mimosas in Ouagadougou. Many thanks to the leaders of these clubs.


What do you by the visit of the delegation from ASEC Mimosas to the Mogho Naba?


It was a courtesy visit to a customary authority that I organized to the attention of the delegation of ASEC Mimosas. Come to Burkina Faso and not greet her Majesty iscontraindicated in my opinion. When I went to ask the audience a week before the arrival of the delegation of ASEC Mimosas, his Majesty made me hear that there was 20 years, ASEC Mimosas made him visit and it would be very pleased to see the team after so many years. We went to say hello, take advice, and especially to receiveblessings for the current season as well as in the Confederation Cup. We have beenblessed by his Majesty MOGHO NABA. The players offered a close and a swimsuit autographed for his Personal Museum and I handed him, on behalf of the Board of Directors, 50 balloons.


To conclude, this stage in Ouaga will it be renewed?


In my opinion it would be very nice. You first need to convince our primary responsibility to renew the experience. Six Burkina Faso players evolve to ASEC Mimosas including three international. Before these, Mamadou ZONGO “Bébéto”, Mohamed KABORE, particularly shone under the colors yellow and black. History links Burkina Fasoto ASEC Mimosas. I wish that this legendary club is the ideal springboard for Burkina Faso players. It would be before the beginning of the next championship of League 1, ASEC Mimosas makes a tour of Ouaga, not only to strengthen this link with Burkina Faso clubs and, why not, ask President Roger OUEGNIN to come and meet oursports authorities as he had done several times at the time.