The team of ASEC Mimosas has returned from Ouagadougou after a twoweek internship satisfactory TRAORE Siaka said “Gigi.” The head coach of ASEC Mimosas gaveus an interview to take stock of the preparation of his team.
At the end of a course of 10 days in Ouagadougou, in Burkina Faso, you are back inAbidjan, in the night of Friday to Saturday last. And already on Monday, you have resumed training at Sol Beni. Have you recovered enough from the fatigue of the long journey?
We have no choice because we are pressed for time. Therefore, chain to not createa break. We resumed training on Monday with a recovery session just after a reviewmeeting that we had with the players.
The internship was punctuated by 3 friendlies. What are you doing?
The overall balance of the internship is satisfactory. Working conditions were adequate. We rationally took 10 days allowed for land, technical and tactical work. We played three friendly matches with two wins and one draw. It is very encouraging for our next African campaign.
How do you explain the match draw against the ASSonabel, yet less known as theEFO and the RCK?
Our goal during the internship resided elsewhere than in the results of the matches. We needed to work well to enhance the cohesion of the group. The matches were in addition. We got huge rewards on the content of the three matches. Against the ASSonabel, we have aligned a group recomposed to run the team and allow everyone to express themselves. DIARRASSOUBA Daouda who stayed a long time without playing and young people from the Academy MimoSifcom, KOSSONOU Kouakou, OUATTARA Zié and KOUASSI Wilfried have had game time. The reference match could be the onewe played against the RCK, to the stadium of August 4, where we have aligned almost a team without good course our three Burkinabé international.
What are the great satisfaction you get from this internship?
The satisfactions are at several levels. Physically the players responded well. A player like Brown ALLOY, which was not the way to nets, finished top scorer with 3 goals inthree matches. This should restore confidence for the rest of the season. This internship has been beneficial for not only all the players, but also for the technical team members who have also learned a lot.
You talked to the moment of Brown ALLOY which found sensations. But there are also SOW Gaoussou and Aka Serges, who had good reactions. What is the trigger for those players who were less conspicuous before the break?
I hope well for them and for the team. AKA Serges played a very good match against of the EFO. Schroeder Thomas, entered during the game, has also pulled out of the game. He has even scored in the 2nd game against the RCK. The young OUATTARA Zié, freshly released of the first Academy, has played all 90 minutes of the game against of the EFO and was very convincing. I really felt a good reaction, which brings me to believe that things could be better for the rest of the season.
Outside the workouts and friendly matches, you have made visit to the Mogho Naba. What was this visit?
The visit to the Mogho Naba is symbolic. It is not given to everyone to visit the Mogho Naba. I take to say thank you to the Mogho Naba and his court who made us the honor to receive us. We have received the blessings and Bakary KONE, goalkeepers coach was able to benefit from the advice of the King, himself former goalkeeper. This visit has been very beneficial for us.
You have made this internship without KOFFI Kouakou, Aristide BANCE and Hervé KOANDA Souleymane who were in the CAN with the stallions of Burkina Faso, 3rd in the final standings of the tournament. How would you rate their service?
KOFFI Kouakou Hervé is a player for the future with a great room for improvement.By his great influence to ASEC Mimosas, we knew he would do a very good competition. So, we are not surprised by his very good performance. Aristide BANCE is a Burkinabé selection box. He filled his commitment to his national selection by its influence on the Group and scoring 2 crucial goals. Too bad for KOANDA Souleymane, who took part in any match. But it’s already a great achievement and a great experience for him to be part of this selection. All of this demonstrates the seriousness and good work done to ASEC Mimosas. Shareholders should be proud of their players.
ASEC Mimosas will resume competition on February 20 against the SOA, on behalfof the 10th day of League 1. What do you have to complete before this recovery?
We continue our work together that is far from complete. But we insist on the offensive work. Because the team is playing well and we create opportunities, but we westruggle to make a reality them. We in the match against the SOA viewfinder, but also the other meeting of the season.