The Professional Football League proceeded with the launch of the U20 Youth League, this afternoon at the Robert Champroux Stadium. Great attraction, arranged team of ASEC Mimosas youth of the first Academy of the Abidjan Stadium (2-1), duringthe second match of the evening. Curtain lifted, Africa Sports took the best on StellaClub (20).
Gala of the launch of the U20 Youth League game, Mimos timidly enter the part. Some observers, they concede the first opportunity at Stade, in the 10th minute. Fortunately, DIALLO Angel fly resumed, the quarterback of the Abidjan Stadium, is countered by the back of a defender mimosas. Stade returned to the charge, in the 29th minute, on a free kick from the same striker. BAMBA Aboubakar, the mimosas goalkeeper out the danger in boxing the ball. Half an hour passed, Mimos take total control of the game. On a beautiful set and on his first real opportunity movement goal,ASEC Mimosas opened the scoring in the 33rd minute by his midfield VOLI BI Abdoul victoriously containing a ball badly cleared the Rennes goalkeeper NGOLI Maxime (1-0). ASEC Mimosas so opened the scoring without really forced his talent. The Abidjan stadium is the response, in the 37th minute, but the attempt of GUEI Semelois pushed back on the goal line by central defender Steve Fisher. The Abidjan stadium shows very threatening, but will fail to equalize before the whistle for halftime.
Unlike the first part, the yellow and black start drum beating, the second period. At the 48th minute, BAMBA Mohamed who had just made his entrance, puts on orbit, GORAN Junior who shows up in the penalty area to deceive the Rennes goalkeeper and doubling the brand for the Mimos (20). The game is already folded and Julien CHEVALIER foals are now happy. At the 53rd minute, DJAHA Yao Leonard concludeda counterattack by a framed strike seeking beautiful reflex of the Rennes goalkeeperto avert the danger. Mimos are much more view unlike their opponents who are showing signs of fatigue. At the 70th minute, mimosas, KONE Lanciné centre forward,has the opportunity to aggravate the brand during a face to face with the goalkeeper. But he procrastinates and was finally blocked by a defensive back. By get on net occasions without put into practice them, ASEC Mimosas is countered and concedes the reduction of the score in the 81st minute. On a free kick pushed back once, butwhich benefits DIALLO Angel which marks (21). Stade are good will to return to thescore, at the end, but they constantly come up against a team of ASEC Mimosas, inplace. ASEC Mimosas won this game, but will have to be more sharp, on Saturday, February 18, from 8:00 to Sports of Treichville Park, against the same opponent, this time on behalf of the 1st day of the U20 Youth League.