The sports weekend will be marked by the entry in the running of the first Ivorian representatives in CAF inter-club competitions. It will also be the launch of the youth category U20 Soccer Championship.
ASEC Mimosas is exempt from the first round of the confederation Cup. On the other hand, the club yellow and black will be part in the U20 Championship. The youthparticipation Mimos in this competition, beyond the small event, offers above all a pretext to remind the special place that has always been that of the youth in the history of our club.
ASEC Mimosas has been the concern of young people. The epic of our club is full ofstories of teams covered with laurels in all categories of young people in Côte d’Ivoire.
Sol Beni, the name given by President Roger OUÉGNIN at the sports complex of ASEC Mimosas, in tribute to one of the first teams of young people from our club, is a just reminder of this history. Since 1948, we had the chance to see young Mimos shoots grow in the shadow of great leaders, coaches, donors, supporters. Throughout this history, the pleasure of the game has been the common thread, the hallmark ofASEC Mimosas. Club yellow and black has built its history with this passion for the game, the beautiful game, consecrated in the motto ‘kids ‘.
To perpetuate this tradition, ASEC Mimosas has implemented the first Academy. Weread in the book “The Asec Mimosas, a folder” Roger OUÉGNIN and L. Mathieu ‘n’ GOUIN-CLAIH (page 84), “based in Sol Beni since July 1993, MimoSifcom Academy, training center of ASEC Mimosas, a mission of training young players to become a footballer for the professional team of ASEC Mimosas, according to the motto of the club can be read on the pediment of the field Gallery Ignace WOGNIN : “the kids…” ». This callback allows to measure the importance given to the enjoyment of the game by Mimos leaders.
For his comeback in the national youth competitions, ASEC Mimosas decided to line up a team from the Academy. Youth Mimos will be rubbing shoulders with other young people of Côte d’Ivoire, to discover the fragrance of the competition. Their participation is part of their training path. They are still learning and don’t need special pressure. What we expect of them, is that they have fun. Have fun and make us happy at the same time, such is their roadmap. Children from Sol Beni are invited to have fun, for the pleasure of the game, simply.
To prepare for the event of this return to Youth Championship, next Sunday, in the face of the stadium in Abidjan, the academicians will surely have discussions with their coach Julien Knight. During these exchanges, it could make recommendations to its protected this small teaching, team spirit, of Aime JACQUET, the french coach, winner of the 1998 World Cup. I quote: “individual talent can win a game, but it’s the team spirit and collective intelligence that can win the World Cup.”
The young shoots of ASEC Mimosas don’t fight the world, but only the U20 Championship Cup. However, if in addition to indulge themselves by the game, they get tocreate team spirit and collective intelligence, they come out, this competition, largerand stronger.
By Léonce YACÉ, President-delegate of the ASEC Mimosas
Excerpt from the Mimosas Magazine N ° 1312 of February 10, 2017