KOSSONOU Kay Odilon, OUATTARA Zié Mohamed and Ibrahim DIABY are the last three reinforcements of ASEC Mimosas. We present them to you by giving you advice and comments from their coaches. The presentation of KOSSONOU and OUATTARA is made by Siaka TRAORE, the head coach, while that of DIABY is performed by Lucien KASSY Kouadio, the Assistant coach.
KOSSONOU Kay Odilon and OUATTARA Zié Mohamed, two products of training black and yellow. “These are two young people from the Academy. They are promotedto the professional team to complete their training. We do not necessarily rely on them this season, but over the coming seasons, they could be very valuable for the team.” According to the head coach of ASEC Mimosas.
KOSSONOU Kouakou Dorgeles
“It‘s axial Defender with a nice size. He anticipates well the actions and has a good stimulus. For now, he took part to a game. One of the final of the League Cup 16es(1-0 against the JCA T, ndlr),. He was out well by playing as simply as possible. The goal for him will work, to listen and to put at the disposal of the group to better learnand acquire little by little the competition experience. He has a bright future and must take advantage of the opportunity offered to progress pretty quickly.”
First name: Kay Odilon
Date of birth: 04/01/2001
Weight: 71.5 Kg
Size: 1, 89 m
Jersey number: 29
Previous Club: MimoSifcom Academy
OUATTARA Zie Mohamed
“He plays in the right back position. He’s a good player of hallway with outstandingnatural qualities. It progresses very fast. Barely a year ago that he arrived at the Academy, but now he finds himself in a team already first of ASEC Mimosas. Like KOSSONOU, OUATTARA should be tuned for seniors and supervisors to learn the profession he chose to exercise. To do this, he must be patient and redouble efforts and hard work. To be the lining of ANGBANDJI Christian, guts. OUATTARA Zié has a bright future and will gain experience in this group. »
First name: Zie Mohamed
Date of birth: 09/01/2000
Weight: 65 Kg
Height: 1.76 m
Jersey number: 2
Previous Club: MimoSifcom Academy
DIABY Ibrahima
DIABY Ibrahima is a left side, international junior and senior A’ of Ivory Coast.He played lately to the SOA before being released from any commitment. We have recruited him for its defensive and offensive qualities. He has a great left foot and a goodlevel of performance VMA (maximum aerobic speed). It can renew efforts through his good physical condition. In short, he’s a player of modern corridor. Can he controlhis hallway and bring to the team offensively. “He will have to work hard to get a place in the team because in his position there are also players like ‘n’ GOUAN Ruffinand KORE Armand Junior”.
First name: Ibrahima
Date of birth: 22/02/1995
Weight: 64 kg
Size: 1.69 m
Jersey number: 24
Previous Club: SOA