"Hervé has made the right choice.


At Bobo-Dioulasso where he established himself since the beginning of the 1990s, we met KOFFI Kouakou Hyacinthe, the father of KOFFI Kouakou Hervé, goalkeeper ASEC Mimosas and the stallions of Burkina Faso. KOFFI Kouakou Hyacinthe, former member of Stella Club, of the Sacraboutou of Bondoukou, the ASFB of Bobo-Dioulasso, agreed to talk about her son, career and the pride that the latter gives him.


-That you, become KOFFI Kouakou Hyacinthe?

-After my football career, I converted to the profession of coaching football. I led burkinabés courses of 1st and 2nd divisions. Currently, I'm helping a friend to get his team in 1st division.

-Your name is KOFFI Kouakou as your son Hervé. Why this similarity in names?

-This similarity is related to our days of birth. We prénommons we both Kay because we were born Wednesday.

-You were a field player. Your son Hervé is goalkeeper. How did you find this choice at the beginning?

-At first, I found it strange. I admit that it was not packed me at all when I was told that it would be goalkeeper. Because players who evolve in this post are not often asked to professional careers in Europe or elsewhere. But as it was her choice, I encouraged him in this way.

-Are you happy today to have respected the will of KOFFI Hervé?

-Absolutely! I think that his trainer saw just by detecting very early the potential of a good goalkeeper in Hervé. I'm glad that the boy, who was attacking as I initially, agreed to become a last bulwark and that he really worked to make progress in this role. It turned out to be its trainer and it who were right.

-How do you judge the benefits of your son with ASEC Mimosas and the stallions of Burkina Faso during the CAN of 2017, which takes place in Gabon?

-I look particularly all matches of ASEC Mimosas in the Ivorian League 1. In this great club which has talented players, delivery of the Group's significant and Hervé has a good behavior in his team's goals. Regarding the the CAN finals 2017 which take place in Gabon, its beginnings were difficult. He is very young and this is the first time he played this tournament. But it is recovering its brands in the goals of the standards. It progresses with each release and it's good for him.

-What is for you the fact that it evolves to ASEC Mimosas?

-ASEC Mimosas is one of the largest sports institutions of the continent. This club is very popular, it is still in the lead of the Ivorian League 1 and he participates annually at the CAF inter-club competitions. Such a club necessarily gives a player a great dimension. It is the fate of Hervé who wanted to evolve today to ASEC Mimosas. I am very happy that his path crossed that of this great club. Burkina Faso players such as the late KOITA Mamadou told the sorcerer, Mohamed KABORE and Mamadou ZONGO came before him to boost their career. I wish that the ASEC Mimosas would allow him to go higher.

-What will precisely to Hervé to go forward?

-This will depend on many things. It is on the rise, but it must keep the head on the shoulders and work hard to move forward. As for me, I pray for the fate spared him injuries and is still growing in an environment for healthy living and make especially good choices.


Interview conducted by Ismael KONE, one of our special envoys in Ouagadougou.