Rail Club Kadiogo - ASEC Mimosas friendly international match: 0-2 :

After the EFO, ASEC prevails in the face of the RCK

In a friendly international match played on Sunday 29 January, at the stadium of August 4 of Ouagadougou, ASEC Mimosas took the best (0-2) on the RCK, the defending champion of Burkina Faso.

Unlike their first opposition in the face of the EFO during which coach TRAORE said Siaka Gigi proceeded with a real review of workforce, game last Sunday against the RCK, burkinabe reigning champion is the team of ASEC Mimosas which was aligned except BANCE, KOFFI and KOANDA currently CAN 2017 in Gabon with the stallions of Burkina Faso qualified for the semi-finals. It evolved into 3-5-2 and consisted of MANDJUI Boris in the goals, Ta Akassou, GLOUDOUEU Baresi and Abrams Mohamed in the axis, ANGBANDJI Alex and do GOUAN Ruffin respectively player corridor TA Bi Willy Braciano left in the role of Sentinel in front of Central defenders and right, then MPUMBU Katalay, of NOUGBELE Christian, then DEPODE Ezekiel as attacking midfielder right KONE Moyabi to left offensive midfielder, of BROWN Alloy, then SOW Nathan and Issouf OUATTARA as advanced strikers.

As to the formation of the RCK, it evolved into a 4-4-2 classic with a lot of aggressiveness on bales showing an athletic presence in a technical game with good tactical rigour. The first period was very balanced. But the Mimosas well-organized, solidarity, combative and with a lot of experience have contained their opponents, then opened the scoring on offensive raid. YOUR BI Braciano made an opening for ‘n’ GOUAN Ruffin left. It goes beyond an opponent, then Center. The leather is repelled by Kay Valentin, the goalkeeper of the RCK. BROWN Alloy, very opportunistic, at the reception of the leather takes it back instantly and opened the scoring for ASEC Mimosas (42′).

In the second half, players of the RCK return with more pride to win in front of their fans. They grow during the last 45 minutes. The Mimosas are retreating, but resist. Then, taking advantage of a quick counter-attack on their right side, their middle right ANGBANDJI Christian overflows and made an impeccable withdrawal to SOW my that catapult the ball in the nets of the RCK (85′). This is the coup de grace. But locals do not throw the foot so far. They push to save the honor and why not equalize. They could achieve their ends without the awkwardness of their attackers. ASEC Mimosas manages well his achievements and wins (0-2). She won her second match and it feels good to the morale of his troops during his ten days in Burkina Faso Earth.